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Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Weekend Update

     This past weekend has come and gone and like mine I hope yours was fun and eventful!  Friday stayed in per it has been a cold start this new year.  Saturday we got up and got ready because she had basketball!  We headed over and sat as this week they working on shooting and ball handling.  The coaches are so nice and did a good job seeing they had many girls to manage plus the boys that came in after.  Quinn did great and ran by all the cones and did great at shooting.  She had improved so much and feels she really likes it.  What is very important is that these kids are playing for over an hour!  I know they play during school but on the weekend it can get difficult to get outside and with this weather only makes it harder.

    Sunday we took some time to pick up and do some house cleaning.  Watched some TV and played some board games and even did some reading.  I watched as Kayla played a fun card game with her and just spend some time keeping warm.

     I hope this winter everyone is staying warm and having fun.  I hope if its cold outside everyone found something fun inside to do!  If your school has an activity or camp do it for sure!  In the winter it can be just so much harder.  Sunday night we made homemade fish and chips!  I found some great ideas and tried them out.  I for sure will put this on my cooking corner blog!

     I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Always Remember,
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