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Friday, January 8, 2016

Quinn's First Purchase

     For Christmas Quinn was given some money to spend on her self and she was so excited.  We save her money but she was told to just have fun.  I was excited because now she has her own money to buy something she wants.  We were up north for Christmas and when we were out shopping so we let Quinn pick something out.  She walked around with Kayla's Mom and picked out a small cute toy.  A plastic bird cage with a little soft bird in it.  You can hold the button down and speak and it will record and play back for you.

     She was so happy and proud of her new purchase and played with it over the weekend and now it sits in her room!  This however is only the half of it, why I blogging is really because it is showing her that when you work or are given some money you can reward your self.  She takes very good care of her bird and loves it very much.  The money was a gift only because she is 7 and can't work but she does understand the value of her own money and she can buy what she the funds for.  It is a great learning experience and we talked to her about the prices and what she had to spend so we even did some math!

    Soon we are going to get her into small chores and maybe some cleaning.  She is interested in money and wants to have it which shows growth and responsibility!  As she grows Kayla and I will talk about what we can do to have her work and get an allowance.  I am excited Quinn is showing she wants to earn money and now will start to buy a few things on her own...

Here it is, Quinn's first purchase!

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