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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Review 12: Three Pot Slow Cooker

     So the this being the first review of the New Year I wanted to start off strong!  This past Christmas Kayla got me a 3 pot mini slow cooker!  It's three smaller slow cookers all in one!  You can set all three at different temperatures and it is light and easy to wash.  The slow cooker I feel is something you should have in your house even if you store it away and use it a few times a month.  However this 3 pot version is amazing because you can throw a great party and cook three different apps!

     For example this New Years we did Wings in one pot, Meatballs in one and little wieners in the last.  They all cooked at different temps for different time periods and were really the perfect amount for our party.  There are many different kinds and brands the one below is a Living and there are many others of all different makes and shapes even.  They all range in price so I would say do some homework and even look at the reviews!

     However my review is on mine and the basic point of having a 3 pot slow cooker!  If have parties throughout the year or are going to one this really makes an awesome tool.  It allows you to really cook smaller amounts of different apps.  There are also books on slow cookers and all different small dishes to pass you can try.  The three black pots do come out and are easy to clean, the lids as well.  The unit is light and easy to use.  I store mine in my basement until I need it.  I love it because you can start one dish, the later another and even another all in one day!  Now you still may want a larger slow cooker for main dishes or dinners however for sporting parties I would really say get one!

     You can unplug it and put it on your table or keep it plugged in and the food on warm, you can even take the pots out and place them on the table if you don't want people in your kitchen.  I was so excited when Kayla got me this for Christmas!

     So if you like to entertain and cook, heck slow cooking is fun and easy!  Look into one of these, they make a great gift idea and once someone gets you it tell them you will have them over!  Below are pictures of mine, if you have one please share!  Again you can look online all over and even buy them in store or order them.   For this new start I give this product a great review pending what kind you use however I think this was a great idea and invention.

Here is the slow cooker.

One of the slow cooker pots.

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