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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Mid Winter Help

             Here are some great tips for those cold winter days/nights for those who don't live in the south that is!

      So January marks the middle of Winter, usually things start to warm up around March or April.  This year we had a warm December but now that it is getting colder out I wanted to know get some great tips out there for you! 

     1)  Make sure by now if you haven't prep your house.  Have all your storm windows down your furnace filter changed and different things like the hose away. 

     2)  If you have an auto start for your car use it in the mornings or before you leave.  The time you spend getting ready you can heat up your car and get the engine running for a cold drive. 

     3)  If you haven't yet make sure you have snow removal!  A snow blower, a plow or even shovels.  Keep checking your snow blower as well making sure it starts and runs.  You don't want to have it snow and that not start!

     4)  Take out warm clothing and blankets!  Even with your heat on make sure you stay warm in side.  If you keep the heat a little lower to help save make sure you are staying warm!  Layer up and keep warm.  Cuddles are always effect. 

    5)  Make sure you kids or any older people you live with are warm.  The cold can hurt them easier and faster!  Kids usually are always warmer and run at a faster speed than adults engines do.  However make sure your kids are staying warm and dry. 

    With many more things you can do the list can go on.  However keeping your furnace in good shape and checking doors and windows for cracks or leaks is very important.  My last tip is this, if you get snow buy a roof rake!  I got mine early this year.  A roof rake will allow you to pull off snow that is on your roof.  You will get a few feet but its enough to help with the edges and gutters.  After a heave snow fall use the rake to take pressure off the roof and help prevent damage and ice built up!
There are many other ways, some use salt or heat strips however I don't want to put salt on my new roof and the electric coils I think only work if you always leave them on.  Electric coils plus water, snow and ice... Hmm  I know they are save and tested but still... Naaa no electric for me. 

Here are a few more off the Internet as well!

 Just use some basic tools you can get at any hardware store and you will be set!  Also keep an eye on your roof and house foundation!  Like I advised there are many tips to use however I hope the following get you started at least!  If you have any else let us know!

Happy Winter!

Always Remember,

You are Never alone...


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