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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pizza Logs

     Years ago I used to work at the Penfield CC, there I met one of the all time sough after appetizers and late night snacks...  The Pizza Log!  This masterpiece of a hard shell incasing cheese and pepperoni and sauce then dipped in whatever sauces you prefer will set any hunger at bay.  A very easy treat that will get everyone to praise your work and put you at a very high cooking standard! 

     As collage came my friends and I got a small deep fryer and I would buy the pizza logs from a local food distributor.  We would get a box of about 72 and after a night of hanging out we would drop a few baskets and the group would be so excited.  The golden brown crispy shell and the nice hot insides make a great snack after a night of hanging out and putting a few drinks back.  Our friends loved it also because if you go out to order them you will have to spend at least 5-7 dollars for 4!  The markup is ridicules, I thought about traveling around to outside concerts and just making them I figured I would make a killing! If I had them at parties to that could have paid for my college!

    So for this great starter or night ender here is what you need!

Pizza logs: The original pizza logs  There are many other brands however the following has proven 100% Yum Rate! 
Fryer with Oil

You may think this is easy but you can mess this up so read the following directions.

1) Thaw the Pizza Logs.  Do not fry them frozen they will take longer and cook unevenly.
2) Heat up the fryer oil to about 375 degrees.
3) Fill the basket with pizza logs and drop them.  Don't get greedy and over fill the basket!  This will cause them not to cook through.  Just put a layer or two.  You can cook more as they are done.
4) Cook for about 5-8 minutes or look to see if they are golden brown and popped  little.  If some cheese is coming out they are ready.
5) Pull up the basket and let drain.
6) Place on a nice platter with some souse or blue cheese!

     You can also oven cook them about 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes or until they open, they won't have the same golden brown shell because the oven cooks them differently.  However if you don't have a fryer or large pan to fry them the oven does work.  However I would fry them, that is my preference.

     You will have a very happy late night crowd.  The Pizza logs make a better late night snack mainly because you will eat to many before your dinner, but also the mix of crust, cheese, sauce and pepperoni taste so good late at night!  Per some of my friends it would be considered a meal that's how much they love them!   However this first cooking corner post goes to the Pizza Logs under the late night snack section.

     When my friend Jim comes home to visit and his siblings come home to I usually bring the fryer over and a box and cook them up some.  They all love it and even ask if I am doing it before the night begins.  Like I said a late night snack and you are the Hero!

    Check out their site or stores near you! 

Many food wholesalers sell them, the one I use is palmer foods
Palmers is one of the best in the area their food is amazing and they have a lot of whole sale and fresh foods to buy. 

So to start off my first dish I hope you all enjoyed it, below is a pic of the finished product!

This and many others will be posted on my Cooking Corner Tab at the top of my blog. 

Always Remember,

Cooking should be fun, so have fun doing it!

Chef Christopher

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