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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: Don't let Snow Keep You In!

     So not to long ago I dusted off my old snowbard and my buddy and I went up to Bristol Mountain for the night.  I haven't been on my board in probably 2 years so I knew I would be starting off rusty to say the least!  My board hasn't been sharpened or waxed that long either so I knew I had to be careful.

     So my buddy Paul came over and we headed up to the mountain for some fresh air and clean nice riding...  When we arrived it was cold, that deep cold I think it was around 20 degree's.  We geared up and got our passes.  As we headed up the excitement of just being back filled my bones and I was eager to get moving.  We got to the top and got set, down we went!  Just like a bike I was cutting down just feeling the speed and moving freely back and fourth.  We took an easier trail to just get started but it was nice to just play it safe.  After a good solid run I headed over to the black diamonds because well you know me... 

  As I approached the seep drop I over looked and saw the hillside and all the lights.  I sat and just looked out because the view was and is always amazing.  It was cold but that didn't keep me inside.  The snow and ice didn't keep me from coming out and just cutting down the mountain side.  I headed down the steep slope and saw much faster boarders and skiers pass buy.  I didn't mind I like being in one piece and I was just taking it easy.  My board not as sharp as it was and I don't need  face plant that night.  So I cut down and just took it simple by the time I felt how the hill was going I went faster and got down in one piece.  It was nice to get those hard hills again and know I still got it lol.  It was a great workout to! 

    We did a few more runs and I did manage to get a pic in as we were going down.  The thing is winter is a part of our area.  It snows and gets cold so don't get pushed around, beat that winter blues and get out for some winter fun!  We plan on doing more as well like sledding or ice skating this year but for the few hours I was on that hill I just had my music and piece of mind.  The crisp air, feeling my board cut into the snow and just that feeling being free on the mountain.  It was a great night to spend outside and if you are looking for something to do or learn try skiing or snowboarding!  Of course take lessons first but I think I want to teach Kayla and even Quinn maybe someday.  She is little but she might like to learn. 

     Not your average tip I know but I hope everyone doesn't get stuck by the cold.  Don't let it keep you in!  Dress warm and get some time outside.  Of course be safe and don't stay outside to long and wear protective gear as well.

     I hope everyone is having a fun Winter and getting sometime to have fun and even get some exercise and fresh air!

Always remember,
You are Never Alone...


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