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Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Date with Bacon

     Who doesn't want a date with bacon?  Well you are in luck for this post and Cooking Corner entry you can have just that!  Years ago a friend gave me a great idea for an appetizer to bring into work.  He got this receipt from a friend as well so now I will pass it onto you!  A very easy unique dish that will make your guest say, "what is this again?'.

     They are dates stuffed with sausage and then wrapped in bacon then cooked.  A very different appetizer  approach from the typical ones you see.  They all complement each other very nicely and the different textures and sweet to crunch ratio is really nice.  Depending how many you make this dish can serve from 4 to how many you need.

1 Packages of pitted dates.
1 Package of sausage.  You can also get spicy if you like
1 Pack of regular cut bacon.  I have tired thick cut, and flavored bacon but regular seems best.
1 Package of Toothpicks

1) Take out a date and slice the middle open, do not cut it fully you don't want the date to open up to much just enough to put the sausage in.  At this time also preheat your oven to about 350 degrees.

2)  Take out about 1 or 2 individual sausages from the pack and squeeze the meat from the thin wrapper.  You just want the mean in them not that thing wrapper that holds them together.  Have this in a small dish.  You can season if you wish. 

3)   Take a date and put a pinch of sausage in it, don't over fill it.  Just enough to fill the date is fine.

4)  Take your bacon and cut it right down the center so you have the pack cut in half.

5)   Place one 1/2 a strip of bacon around the date that has been stuffed and then place a tooth pick thought it.  I sometimes start the toothpick at the sausage per you only have to go though one side of the date and this is easier.

6)  Repeat this process and place all of them on a baking pan.

7)  Place the pan in the oven and let cook at around 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.  You can cook them at a higher temp for less time as well.

So to see when they are done check he bacon.  There is were some people differ.  Some people like their bacon cooked fully and crispy some like it more undercooked.  The sausage won't take long to cook because there is a little amount.  However make sure the bacon is at least almost done, I like it a bit undercooked because I don't like crispy bacon.

     Play this by ear and watch them, over time you will find a temp and time you really enjoy.  If you have people over this is very easy to make.  If you are going out prep the food and just use your friends oven!

When I serve them I usually get great reviews!  Many people love the fact that it is a different style and kind of appetizer.  Some question the Date part.  I tell them it is so good and not to understate the date!  Some will also then ask what a Date is, after I started making this I wondered doesn't anyone know or eat dates anymore?  Either way this fun app will draw some attention and is very easy to make.  I hope you all try it, and let me know...

Always Remember,

Cooking should be fun, so have fun doing it!


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