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Sunday, January 3, 2016

The weekend update!

     So the first New Year of 2016 has come and gone and it was a relaxing one.  Yesterday one of Kayla's old friends came to down.  Andy and his girlfriend came to visit for the night.  We had Matt and Becky come over as well, Becky also knows Andy very well and she wanted to say hi and talk.

     We had some dinner and drinks and just a great time talking and showing off some wedding pictures they wanted to see.  After dinner we took out some games and just spend the later part of the evening laughing and just playing games.  Andy only gets to visit a few times so it was a special trip.  His girlfriend Delaney is so very sweet she has come to visit with him before and as we get to know her better we just love her more and more!

     The past few months we have seen a lot of both our sides of friends and this weekend I knew it was very special for Kay because she hasn't seen Andy in so long.  This morning we saw them off and we just spend the day relaxing.  We stopped off at my parents for a few more gifts they wanted to give us and caught up with them which was nice.  Then we really just relaxed, as the winter comes its just nice to relax on the couch and watch some TV or take a little nap.

     We have a busy year to come with many weddings to attend and lots to do so with one weekend down and many more to go I wish everyone a save start to 2016!

Always Remember,

You are Never Alone...


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