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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday's Tip: The importance of Chores

     So as most know our little one is 7 and for years I have talked about the importance of starting to do chores like pick up your toys or make your bed things like this.  As Quinn got older we would help her less when it came to the smaller things.  When it coms to her toys we do allow her to bring some up and down stairs, however when its cleanup time she has to bring them all back to the place they belong.  Sometimes bringing toys upstairs is harder than down.  We sometimes struggle with this but we instill that it is very important that she cleans up and that we are not going to.

   If you do all the work for your kids they will only grow up thinking this is how it goes.  Now depending how old they are you will do more.  However for example Quinn after dinner needs to put her plate and cup in the sink.  She can't reach the faucet yet so we wash them however she also needs to wash up after dinner.  We also started asking her to set the table.  When it is bedtime she is expected to get in her PJ's without an issue and brush her teeth as well.  Picking up her toys, getting ready for bed and putting away her dishes are very reasonable but teach her to start early.  It shows her that we are not going to follow her around as she makes a mess and we pick it up.  We talked about giving her an allowance down the road when she starts doing more chores which she is excited about! 

    However chores are very important because one day she will have High School and college then a job and I can't go over when she's 27 and pay her bills make her bed and get dinner ready.  "Yea No"...  So by starting her off early she will slowly advance to harder chores and then it just gets easier for some of the larger things in life!  My Dad would give us some money to clean the bathroom, do some dusting and vacuum a bit.  Now because of this I do this all the time in my home because I understand the importance of it! 

    I will admit Quinn loves some chores like feeding the cat and now setting the table.  Make chores fun or make a checklist like the one below!  If you make something fun or a game style they will be less likely to give you pushback!

Here is an example I found!  Tips are below...

So here are some tips that might help!

1)  Start young, when they are little help them pick up less and less and start asking them to pick up more and more after them selves.

2)  Explain the importance of chores and how cleaning up makes our room look nice and they won't loose their toys as easy!

3)  Give them storage spaces, make areas easy for them to have things away!

4)  If they argue tell them they just won't be able to play with as much next time, or they can't move toys around the house.

5)  As they get older talk about an allowance and different reward programs.

6)  Keep instilling this, do not give up.  Kids need to have us repeat what we need them to do, especially ones that travel between homes.  It can be hard one home may have different rules than others. 

7)  When it comes time to clean up or get ready for bed and they give you issues say things like "you know its bed time".  Reminding them they know the rules and just to not give pushback. 

8)  Tell them to only play with toys they really want out.  If they take them all out they will have a big mess.  Advise, take a few out and play.  Then put them away and take others out!

9)  If they ask to bring a toy down make sure they understand the rules.  If they say "can I bring one toy down"  I bet they will bring two, reinstate they can't pull a fast one on you.  Give them a pass but tell them next time they wont have this option.

10)  You're kids toys will have areas and yes they should get some space but keep your house picked up and remember it is your house!  Not there play house! 

     A side tip for single parents, try to be on the same page as the other parent however you don't have to be exact you have your rules and they may have theirs.  However instill that if you have chores at your house and the other parent does not, the child still has to do them.  Educate it is your best tool... 

     I hope the following tips helped, remember chores make us stronger and more efficient!  My parents don't come over and tell me to clean up or cook because they taught me the value of this growing up!  I know we want to help our kids but start them small and let them grow with the chores they do!  Remember if you do everything for them by the time they are 18 they won't know what to do if they move out for college or move out to work.  Birds push their babies out of the nest for a reason, not that I want you all do this but look at how nature treats their young.  Only humans will do our kids laundry till there 40, why cause some parents wont stop.

If you have a tip to share let me know and leave a comment!

Always Remember,

You are never alone...


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