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Thursday, April 19, 2012

When to Improvise

    So I picked up Quinn tonight and when we got home I asked her what she wanted for dinner.  After telling her Pink Fish wasn't an option I started thinking of things I had.  The usuals came up first like chicken nuggets, grilled cheese and BP&J.  After looking at me like ok... go on...  I started to think about what else we at and what she likes.

    I ended up getting out some left over pasta we had and some tuna fish.  I know it wasn't pink fish but close enough...  As we ate dinner I realized sometimes you just gotta improvise and think on your feet.  As a single Dad I know this is just the beginning and there is a lot more to come.  I also know that as I look back improvising is something I have been doing for a while.  Starting over, working hard to get back on my feet.  Making ends meet and finding income, or making cuts to my budget.  Where ever we are or whatever we are doing improvising is something that is now a way of life.  With everything changing so fast and our path of the day were in changing with a single txt you never know what will happen.

    As you can see from above being in the middle gives us the best of both.  Being to much of a planner won't allow us to learn how to improvise and think on our feet.  If you are to far over and all you do is improvise then you'll never know how to plan and eventually you will run of of ideas and ways to improvise.  A good medium in life and everything is always important.

    As you can see from above as well the world thinks we are starting to improvise more often than we plan.  Sometimes I feel we are changing our plans or double booking so much that we don't bother to plan our day out because we are just going to improvise the end anyway.   Why get dinner ready when we can just go to the store and buy something.

Planning: Planning allows us to stay on target and keep to your goals.  Planning allows us to stay organized and when we are on track and pace for what is going on we are usually more calm and at peace.

Improvising: This allows us to think on our feet and when we need to alter our goals or plans.  Improvising allows us to be creative.

    So when do we improvise? Well when we need to of course!  Everyone's lifestyle is different I'll let you decide.  What we know is that there usually a good mix of both.  Why do we improvise?  Well that is easy, the ever changing day, and road we are on.

    With technology evolving so fast and americans doing more than we should in a days time I only feel one day we won't be able to improvise anymore.  There may come a day when we have changed and edited and worked around everything we have going for us...

    Now I didn't get all this from tuna fish and pasta...  But I wanted to just have you all think about how much you improvise and how much you change or edit your day or week because of our every changing lives.   Just remember when you have to improvise on what you just improvised, your either doing to much or your just that good!

Have fun improvising!!

By the way if your wondering yes she loved the noodles and tuna fish.  My improvising worked... This time.


  1. I love your post. I love how you end with "my improvising worked...this time." Isn't that the truth! Insightful, fun read...I'll be back for more.
    Keep up the great work,

  2. Hello,

    The blog gets better and better.

    Could pink fish be salmon.......just a thought dear nephew.

    Love you bushels, Aunt Ro

  3. Great post I haven't read in awhile and your blog looks great! It's true as parents we often are improvising...alot lol!

    I think aunt to has something there with the salmon ;)