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Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter is in the Air!

Wednesday I picked up Quinn and came home to have her find her Easter Basket!  She was so excited she found it right away.  She is so smart she found it right away, picked it up and dumped it out!  Well she was so excited...

I got her some candy and books and crayons!  I was busy making dinner so I let her check it out and have a little candy before bed!  Being a single dad is all about give and take.  We had dinner and watched some TV and payed as well.  Hughey was over and he got to run around and keep her busy as I got dinner ready.  Easter was good I did the best I could it was her mothers year to have her and I have learned to just roll with everything and make up for time later.  So we has Easter on Wednesday!  Its okay, if you show you are excited your child will be as well.

But I've learned we celebrate things when we can.  As Quinn get older she will understand and as long as she sees as a Dad I make the effort and am trying I think she will be okay!  As Easter comes to a close and spring is in the air I get ready to get the yard cleaned up, and the house ready to open!  I am going to start my spring cleaning and  get ready to celebrate summer.  I have some new adventures for Quinn and I to go on as well as some old classics as well.  I hope you stay tuned.  I'm going to have some great tips and tricks as well as some really good pics to come!

Here is her Easter Basket!  I only have this one picture I was running around getting dinner ready!

Stick around... It's gonna be a great year...
Happy Easter to all!
Remember you are never alone...

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