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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bad things come in 3’s…

So the saying goes that bad things come in 3’s.  I am a firm believer in this and the past two weeks they all decided to hit.  I always joked about it in college and never really was a believer until the spring and early summer of 2008. A little flash back if I may…

Springtime my parents got a call from my Uncle in Tennessee.  My Oma (my mothers mother) was not doing well and my Uncle advised my Mom and Dad it would be best to come down.  They flew down and shortly after she passed away.  At the time I was married and my then wife and I flew down.  It was a good chance to get her to meet that side of the family.  She was pregnant so my Uncle, Aunt and cousins were very excited to see us.  I got to say goodbye to my Oma and we had a small service.  She was older and lived a good life but still it’s never hard to bury a loved one. 

A few weeks later I was at work.  (At the time I was an In-Flight Crew member for JetBlue.)  I remember I was stuck working in JFK and my mom called.  She told me the cat was sick.  Now I understand it was an animal, but she was 17 and was our second pet.  She lived with us as my brother and I grew up.  Putting up with us chasing her, loving her and just growing up with her.  I can remember just crying in the back of the airplane as my mom told me they had to bring her to be put down.  I couldn’t do anything about it.  I was stuck in NYC working.  It was horrible, I always considered her my cat.  My friends all feared her. (She bit and scratched)  The only cat I ever new in my life to look both ways before crossing our street. Sometimes mean, but smart as hell.  She passed away literally days after we got back from Tennessee.  It was all just happening so fast.  I just was so upset because I was stuck there and felt helpless.  I never even got to say goodbye.  When it comes to death I know no matter how old that person or animal is saying goodbye is hard.  But I think at least with an older age comes more a letting go aspect.  The part that was just so hard was the fact that I was stuck miles away and couldn’t say goodbye.  Being a person that believes in closure this was just extremely difficult.  

After that I just sat and waited.  I told my mom one night something was going to happen.  “Bad things come in 3’s”.  Early that summer my parents called me, my grandma fell and was in the hospital.  (This was my father’s mother; she lived in the town over with my Aunt.)  I got to the hospital and I saw here laying there.  I knew something was wrong when I didn’t see her respond to my brother and I.  We stayed with her into the night and left. The next day my mom called and told me she passed away.  After that I just felt that bad things do come in 3’s.  After burying two very close people and one pet I lived without having bad things happen to me really, until now.  I didn’t count the divorce that is just more tragic on its own. 

So now that I gave you my back story he’s how the past two weeks when for me.  Two weeks ago Sunday I was at work in the back building wheelbarrows.  I fell backwards and landed on a box, that really didn’t break my fall it just broke apart and I hit my left elbow.  It hurt like a motherFu****.  I went to HR and told them about it.  I got a report started but we didn’t file because I told them it hurt but didn’t feel broken.  It swelled up and I iced it and took some low dose pain meds for it.  It does feel better with the slightest of pain still.  So that was one.  Just about week later on my way to work I got rear ended on the way to daycare with Quinn.  You can follow up by clicking here to read the link.  That was two.  I told my HR manager at Lowes that my elbow was feeling better but I was still waiting for the third bad thing to happen.  I told her all bad things come in three’s!  She laughed and told me to take it easy.  

Well it finally hit.  So Sunday night I was getting ready for bed and had to get some change from my spare change jar.  It is a long glass jar that can hold a lot of change and has been the family for years.  I grabbed the top and pulled it up and slid my right and down the glass shaft to the back to get ready to dump it and SLICE!  UGH!  The glass was broke and I cut my right and pinkie finger.  Damn it!  I put some paper towels around it but it kept bleeding.  After a while I called my parents and my poor dad half a sleep answered. I was like how long should I bleed till I go to the ER?  Lol… Being an Eagle Scout I should know but when an injury happens to you, you get nervous and tend not to think straight.  My mom gets on and said they would be right over.  I wrapped it up more and waited out side at the end of my driveway like I was waiting for the bus for my first day of school.  Pacing around and getting more nervous and impatient.  I got in and they talked to me about what happened.  I told them this was 3 so I should be good, no more bad things right?  Well I hope not!  I got to the hospital and they looked at it.  It turns out I didn’t need stitches; they just cleaned it and bandaged it.  I got home and fell asleep it was like 2 am…  The next day there was black ice and the expressway was backed up because of all the crashed that happened. Well go figure my third bad thing rolled over into that morning’s traffic as well. 

I have to give it about a week and then it can heal and I get it looked at again.  All in all I can’t tell you the myth about bad things coming in 3’s is something not to be messed with.  I think that a few things just didn’t go my way but all in all there are reasons for everything.  I got a nice rental car that is cheap on gas because of my accident, and I am glad my daughter didn’t get a hold of the change jar so when I step back I try to see the good in the bad…

Being a spiritual person I believe we have a purpose and I do feel God has a plan.  I wasn’t thrilled with the divorce, or things like getting hit on the express way or cutting my self or other things that happen, but what we have to remember in life that we were giving free will.  So if someone wants to leave or divorce me I can’t blame faith.  As much as the divorce was painful, now that I am on my own I see how much we were different and how maybe it is for the best.  From this post I am just trying to say if something bad happens we can’t just get upset we have to push through.  Here I am with a hurt elbow, rental car and bandaged finger!  But cuts and bumps heal, and insurances pay for damages.  Life moves on and we go forward.  We are human and we are persistent, we fight to the bitter end and rarely give up.  When bad things happen I turn to family and friends and always faith.  I know faith gets a bad rap when bad things happen.  That for every one good thing that gets remembered 10 bad things get brought up and talked about. 

The one thing the past couple weeks has taught me, besides to be more careful is just remember to push forward.  I keep the memories of loved ones that have passed on but I don’t dwell on the loss.  Death is as much an important part of life and birth.  We remember those who die and honor them, and know we will see them again.  That year my daughter was born and the cycle started all over again, just like it has been doing for millions of years.  What I encourage you is not to let things in life make your life come to a stop.  The bruise, car accident and cut were all obstacles that slowed me down but didn’t stop me from moving forward.  They helped me learn, grow and adapt to lives changing and ever so demanding need to stay focused and on your toes.  Life is one big obstacle course and it’s not always easy.  Don’t let the obstacles keep you from moving forward…  Always keep moving forward, and yes sometimes bad things come in 3’s but guess what, good ones do as well…

Have a bless day and remember,
You are never alone…

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