"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Friday, April 20, 2012

What is this “Is The Juice is worth the Squeeze” all about anyway?

As I sat down and though about the busy week I just finished I said to my self “at least it’s Friday”.  I am very excited for the weekend because I have Quinn and the past month was a short month, meaning I let her mom have her on some of my days because of the holiday and all.  I am ready to make up for lost time. 

            I was asked not to long ago what I blog about and how I break my blog down.  Well to answer your question.  I try to blog about three different things.  I was also asked what did it all mean, my title why I though of it.  So here is the story...

             First: I like to blog about Quinn and our adventures.  Pictures and videos of us and how she is growing up.  I do this a few times a month and usually when I have her.  I include what we did where we went some fun ideas and other things about her.  I love to blog about how much she is growing and what she is learning and doing in school.  I love to show my readers how excited her and I get while we have our time together but I also share when I’m sad.  It is something that does happen and tell my life story like it is.  Reminding my readers that I am a single Dad and although picking her up is fun and exciting I still have to drop her off which can be difficult and sad.  I have noticed when blog jumping there are a lot of family blogs out there and many stories about kids and life.  I think they are great and that’s how I started off.  I then realized I would love to get more readers and I knew although people love reading about Quinn I had to eventually add more commonalties to my blog.  A blog just about my daughter is nice but I wanted to pull in readers and other single parents looking for help.  This is when I though about moving my blog to the next level and getting the site out there for people to see and read.  I knew I had to add more, I then started the second items. 
                Second: I like to blog about being a single Dad.  Struggles I have, what I have been through and how I sometimes struggle.  Raising Quinn and juggling two jobs.  I like to blog about what its like being a single Dad and playing Mom too (or trying).  Referencing other blogs is something I love to do because there are so many other single parents out there that have new and other great ideas so you will see me do that a lot.  (So other bloggers beware I may post your work on my site!)  As I started looking around I found there were so many other single parents’ blogging and giving ideas.  Tips and tricks, great ideas for fun and things to keep your child busy.  Ways to help them grow and understand what it is like to be in a separated home.  I added this second type of post because of the great feed back I received when I started posting about my story and what I am going through.  I posted about my divorce as well.  I found many people where there to listen and give encouraging comments.  I also found people posted other comments that weren’t encouraging.  I like to read them all and take everything into consideration and I thank you all for you time and comments.  This type of post and the third I typically like to post in-between having Quinn.  I have tried to up my post and keep my readers interested.   

Third: I like to blog about general topics.  Maybe organization, stress, life, or different things I come across in life or read about in other blogs.  I just started this kind of post and from doing some research I found I really enjoy it.  When it comes to a blog, you have to write often and you have to write about interest that others share to pull in readers, you also have to know how to market your blog.  If someone has in interest they will follow.  Now my goal isn’t to be Mr. Popular but as I started to blog about Quinn then moved on to talking about being a single parent I realized I loved just posting about all different kinds of ideas and topics.  This being my newest area of topic I have heard great feed back already from some of my readers and can’t wait to continue on.  Please let me know of anything you would like me to post or look into.  If you have an idea you would like to share let me know!  Leave a comment or feel free to email me.  Crosini1@yahoo.com

When I started blogging and talking more about my life as a single parent I had one goal to star off.  That was to help at least one person if I could reach at least one person who found just a little bit of guidance and support then I know what I was doing was worth it.  A while back I received a comment from someone who told me he did just that.  He said my blog helped him and that he was thankful to read it.  After I saw this I was moved and happy that my story and works reached someone in need.  So I continued to post and will continue to keep posting.  

So what’s up with that blog title??? “Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze”.  Well part of is is yes based off the comedy movie  "The Girl Next Door" A movie about a boy that meets his new neighbor and finds out her line of work is well... different.  Well though out the movie it asks the viewers if what you are doing in life is worth the sacrifice.  Meaning in the end what you accomplished or worked on worth what you had to do to get there.  In the end are you satisfied, happy, or are you ashamed or embarrassed.  The movie talks about this and even though it is a comedy it still really gets you to think when you finish watching it that is what ever you are doing worth it?  There are so many aspects in what we do and so many end paths.  I wanted people to think about what they do and that in the end to ask was it worth it…

So that is the one part of why I named it that, the other honestly is because I wanted to use this line for anything.  Is being a single dad and working two jobs worth it?  Yes because I have a nice home and safe place for my daughter to come and stay.  That is why when you come to the main page of my blog you will see the following quote.

"Make sure that what you are doing and striving for is going to be worth any sacrifices you will have to make along the way. If it's a relationship, job, anything in life."

Honestly I can't think of a more beautiful quote for my blog.  It just sums up everything..

So where do I go from here.  Currently I am working on getting information on my blog about single parenting and getting through a divorce, learning how to start over and the tools what will help.  A redesign is in progress and I am making good progress too.  I hope to get the new release out by summer if I can get the information set and done.  Then I have to meet with IT and all that techy stuff…  So we have some big plans for the site.  I will then see how it goes…

I usually don't add the same music twice to my blog but I have added David Gray's "This Year's Love".  It was one of the songs off the movie, "The Girl Next Door" I have added it because if you just take a moment to listen to the lyrics you will hear and feel how beautiful the song is.  Think about your life and if what you are doing and striving for is worth the sacrifices it takes to get there.  I'm sure you will find it is...

So stick around, it’s going to be a fun year.

And always remember…
You are never alone..


  1. Wow, you have a lot to offer for sure. I have no doubt that you will be helping many single parents, and that you will grow as you do. Quinn is a very lucky little girl, and I hope that you and her mom will be able to find a peaceful path of parenting her together...perhaps you already have. I was divorced about 8 years ago, and have remarried since, so I know some of what you may be experiencing. So glad I found your blog...will sign up so that I don't miss any posts!

  2. Thanks for such a nice post. I like to think i have helped a few people and am working hard on getting my tips and helpful hints out to others. As someone who can understand what I have been though I will make sure to ask for your help and pointers.

    Talk to you soon!