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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A little rain wont' bring us down!

    Quinn was so excited Friday night because I told her we were making chocolate chip pancakes and sausage for breakfast.  After we got up we made them and had a great breakfast!  She ate them all up.  The weather shifted to rainy and cold.  Boo....  We made it work, Quinn and I won't let a little bad weather bring us down.  We ended up playing with puzzles and games and took out her toys.  Rainy days is also a great time to just relax on the couch with some good quality TV and some fun movies.  Now normally I limit TV time but on a cold rainy day we decided to just relax.  As Quinn sat on the couch with her feet hanging over my lap we enjoyed some good quality Daddy Daughter time.  There is nothing more pure and innocent than that.

    After her nap we went to Noah's birthday party!  We had so much fun!!  Quinn warmed up fast and she played with the other kids and just had so much fun!  We had dinner played with games and toys and even watched a movie!  It was just so nice to see how great she did with other children and to see them run around and make friends.  I love just watching how amazing she is and how we as people just adapt and learn and grow.  When the day was over we had just the best day.  I can't wait till Sunday, we have so much planned with family coming over and taking more time to relax.  It just felt so good to hug and see my daughter this month was tough and i just really needed to hold my baby girl.

I hope you enjoy the pics, cant wait to share our adventure tomorrow!

Friday night I had to take this pic.  I sleep the same way... She is just so cute...


We had corndogs for lunch!

Then made a little dessert.

Here w are leaving for the party!  Look at her cute jacket!!

My cute girl.

Here we are at the party

She did great with everyone. 

Dinner time.

More playtime.

There's my buddy Brad!  That's Noah's father

Movie time!

They didn't stay on the couch long, but I sure enjoyed it while it lasted.

My good friend Alexa and Stephie.  Alexa is Noah's mom.

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