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Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! 

Today Quinn and I celebrated Earth Day by not driving!  Well I had to bring her home but we stayed in.  It was still very cold out and Quinn had a cough so I kept her in.  We had some breakfast, got dressed and then did some puzzles and played some angry birds.  It was a nice little end to our great weekend of just chilling with Daddy.

Later that afternoon my parents came over and they got to give Quinn her Easter basket!  She got some candy and cloths and this awesome blanket my Mom made!  It was so nice and soft, she loved it!  It was nice to see my parents playing with her it has been a long time since they have had some time with her. Again, the past few weeks have been really busy so to see them playing and just enjoying her.  We hung out on the couch and just relaxed.  The weekend was not over later that day Uncle Kenny came over!  He hung out and got to see Quinn as well.  She was tired and had a long day, family, bath, puzzles she was tired!  At the end of the day she got a little tired and was getting a little difficult but now as I sit here and blog I miss her so much.

Sundays are still the hardest days of the week.  When I don't have Quinn I usually work a little and think about her and think about the coming week and how much I have to do.  When I have her I rush to get her ready and cleaned up because I have to get her home that night.  For any of my single Dad's or Mom's who read this my heart goes out to you.  It epically goes out to the Mom's and Dad's that really see their kids less.  Meaning they have more visitation rights than anything.  It has become something so common in our culture to have a child with his or her parents not together but what we still don't see is how we as people will never get used to it.  I understand divorce is more common but I've been living away from my daughter for over a year and a half now and I'll be the first to tell you I haven't had a Sunday I had to drop her off I haven't gotten used to...  I probably never will either... I guess that is just how it goes.  I talk to my friends who have kids or who's parents are divorced and I always ask them questions about growing up or how they did it.  When it comes to single parenting one can never adapt I guess.

So this post isn't just about Easter, or Earth Day, it's about Sunday nights and when Dad's or Mom's have to bring their kids back and go home alone.  I hope you read this and sleep with ease.  I hope you know your kids love you very much and that in times of darkness you have to find a light...

Always Remember,
You are never alone...

Enjoy the pics!

We played with our sea puzzle!

Oma and Popi are here!

We played and had time to just hang out.

Happy Easter!

Looking for all my cool stuff!!!

Wow look at this soft blanket Oma made me!

Showing Popi my cool stuff

Here we are just relaxing!


  1. Hey Christopher,
    Sorry that Sunday's are so hard for you...how does Quinn do? My kids were 4 and 5 when my first husband and I divorced, and I moved to another state at the time, so long summer visitations were initially hard on me...the first time I took them to stay with their dad, I cried across two whole states driving back home...and just about the time I had dried up, I got back home and saw one of my girl's sweaters lying on the stairs and I started all over again! It did get much better over time. I had to really put some personal work into it though, and there are still times that are challenging, but it has certainly helped me to live in the moment more.
    Do you write for a living?

  2. Kendra,
    Quinn does okay I think at the moment she is still young to understand. She does tell me some days she wants to stay which breaks my heart. I am sorry again to hear about your divorce I can't imagine the drive home you must have had to go though. You are a very strong person though.

    I don't write for a living, actually english was never a strong suite... lol... But i have taken a lot of time to review my writing and ask for help, Many other readers have advised how much my writing improved. I was told by one of my advisors she would love to see me write a book. What do you think? Maybe I can share the idea they had with you to see what you think. Your thoughts would be very helpful and I think your work is wonderful I would love to run it by you...
    Talk to you soon!