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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday Night Dinner

    I like to post about cooking every once and a while.  Cooking is one of my favorite and relaxing hobbies I love to do as much as I can.  There is nothing like reading a good recipe and then shopping, getting all the ingredients set, cooking it up and then enjoying your hard work after.  There is also nothing like a great cook book.  Growing up with family that cooked and cooking at jobs I learned some really fun and easy dishes.  I love to post about fun and easy dishes I make with Quinn but every once and a while I love to post about other dishes I find or know.  Maybe I will post more if I get good reviews!

      The dish i posted about is a bean dish.  Used more for a side but I cooked enough for dinner.  I love to eat healthy and have been doing great at keeping up at it.  The dish is easy it is beans with almonds and it was given to me by my Aunt.  It has a name but I forgot! I'm sure she will comment on it and correct me. :)

      Take a bag of beans, french cut ones are better but I had whole ones this time.  Some come in packages that you can just microwave.  If not you can just heat them up.   

      Next take a pan and heat up some butter but don't let it burn.  Put the almonds in and brown them.  It won't take long because the butter and almost are small and thin and will cook fast so watch the pan or you will find them burned.  I would use med to med/high heat to cook the almonds.

      Then add the beans and just stir them around.  You can add a little salt and pepper for taste.   

      Once done you can use it as a side or eat as a dish.  I think its a great meal because beans are good but if you don't like the taste a little butter and almonds help.  Almonds are also great for you and have many good nutrients that are helpful for you body.  The mix together is a great hit and your kids will even try it.  Getting started or eating vegetables isn't as fun as ice cram but if the one thing that keeps me eating them is 1) They are very good for you and your body, as I grow older I know it is the best choice.  2) Making vegetables with other fun things like spices or nuts or even shrimp or beef can make a healthy meal and get you started on the path to healthy eating!  

Try out the dish and let me know!

Happy Cooking!



  1. Yum! I bet your Aunt might have called these Green Beans Almondine? If you like Trout...you can top sauteed trout with the butter and almond mixture and have trout almondine. I love it, but I enjoy seafood when I can get it fresh...which isn't very often since I moved to this little town in the mountains : )
    I think you are doing the most wonderful thing by cooking with your daughter...and by eating healthy yourself. Can't wait to hear about more food adventures with Quinn and Christopher...maybe you two should write a father/daughter cookbook!

  2. Thank you so much Kendra! You are right it was Green Beans Almondine I just forgot when I posting. lol I love seafood as well, we have a pretty good selection here in Rochester.

    I do love cooking with her and I think she is really enjoying it as well. I look forward to sharing more adventures. Let me know of any dishes you would like to share.

    Look forward to your next post!

    1. Almondine it is. And yes, I do the same with almond, butter and little lemon and top flounder, sole or other fish. m-m-m
      Will have to check out Kendra's blog.....always such nice comments.
      Aunt Ro