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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday's Tip: Quick Treats

            This past weekend I made a great snack with Quinn, they were little brownie cupcakes.  I have talked to many of my readers and some though a great post would be about snacks and treats we make.  It would follow along side our arts and crafts area with the aspect where we can eat them though!  So today’s tip goes out to the fun do it your self packaged snacks!

            It was a Pillsbury box and inside was everything you needed!  The only thing I had to add was just a little water.  The snack was cheap and the nicest thing is it comes with the mix as well as a couple small throw away cup cake trays!  We made the snack around lunch time and it was very fast and easy to put together.  Set the oven to 350 degree’s and then put the mix in a bowl with the amounts of water 3 table spoons. Then mix!  Put the batter in the trays that the box provides and put them in the oven for about 15-18 min.  Once done pull them out to let cool.  After you can just push them out, the pan that is provided is nice because it bends so you can twist them so the cupcakes fall out!  The whole process with clean up took about 25 min. I have encluded some other fun treats below to look over! 

            Aside from desserts there are also a lot of un ready to make meals you can look into.  I will post more about them as I go!  Now I love to cook and have been for a very long time and when it comes to making dinners I love making home made dishes.  I will say this quick idea was really nice!  It was fast, easy, cheap and after it was done we moved on to our next project.  There wasn’t sugar or eggs all over the kitchen or anything!  I think this idea is great for anyone, people that like to cook and bake or people that may not have the experience.  Keeping a few of theses meals and desserts on hand in your kitchen also is great for quick thinking and improvising!  Which I know you all know I do! 
         Quick Treats are a hit and your kids, family, friends and guest will love them.  (and never know!)  If you wanted to just sprinkle flour over your counter and hide the box, then you can show them all your baked from scratch treats you slaved over! J 

If you have any other ideas or tips please comment or email me them I would love to put more on the blog!

Happy baking!

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