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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Finally back in the swing of things...

Finally back in the sing of things!  Two weekends ago since it was Quinn's mothers year to have her for Easter but it fell on my weekend I just advised it would be good for Quinn to be with her mom.  I know she would go to her families house back home.  I also figured we will have to switch weekends over time so I though it was a good time to start.  

    Well getting back on topic finally our weekend was back.  I picked her up and we headed home.  She watched me mow the lawn and we headed in for dinner.  We had a sub and some chips. Quinn was so excited to have a sub and she loves chips.  But who doesn't right.  So we splurged a little on some junk food.  

    After dinner we laid on the couch and just relaxed.  I knew tomorrow we had a big day so I took advantage of just relaxing and enjoying my daughter.  I was over excited to finally just hold my daughter and laugh with her, see her, talk to her and just enjoy her.  It was a long week and I tell you its all worth it to just see her and hug and kiss my little girl...

Well I can't wait to post on our adventures for this weekend!!!

We had a little dinner!

Just chilling...
Here are some pics for you!


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