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Monday, May 7, 2012

A great finish to the weekend.

      Well the rest of the weekend went great.  Saturday Quinn and I made some breakfast and took a nice long walk.  We ended up going to the playground and just enjoying the sun.  After we headed home for a nice nap.  We had lunch and then took our mid afternoon nap!  We crash on the couch and get some rest because we had a lot more to go.

      Aunt Ro came over to give Quinn her Easter things and to take us out to dinner.  Quinn showed Aunt Ro her room and the new blinds!  She loves to show people around and is so cute when she does.  Quinn is just so excited about our home and when she visits.  We ended up playing around a little and then went out for dinner then came home.  We went bowling and colored in her room, the day was perfect and the sun was out!  We stopped over Jason and Serina's house for a bonfire.   Quinn had a blast she had smores and just hung out with her dad.  I love Saturdays...

      Sunday we slept in and I told Quinn we have to go to church next time she comes over ! lol... But we took the time to just relax.  I know minister. (who is a follower)  will be understanding. :)  We took our nap and then headed out to my rents for dinner.  My Aunt, Mom, and Dad put on a good spread for us!  Chicken, beans, mashed potatoes, and pound bread.  We got to run around and jump on the trampoline!  Quinn loves to jump on her daddy and well daddy is good about being jumped all over.  It was good to see my parents with Quinn because they haven't seen her in a while so I was excited to see them just enjoy her.

      Sunday's are very hard because I have to get Quinn home by 6:00PM so I feel like the day feel so short.  As a single father it is something I have to overcome and look forward to the weekends and not think about Sunday's.  I am still working on a tip for how to handle dropping off your child and leaving without feeling horrible.  It is still being worked on because I haven't perfected it yet, may never will.  Nothing is harder so far in my trials of being a single dad then the 6:00pm drop off...  It's just that hard.  I do say for any single moms or dads out there that have to do it to be strong and when you get home keep busy, see friends or clean.  I cleaned the whole house which it had to be done but it was good get the house in order.  My heart does go out to you and I hope when you drop your child off you can get through.

      I got a call later that night from her mom.  Quinn was upset and wanted me to say I was sorry for rushing out to get her home.  It was about 5:40 and I didn't want to be late because we don't have that relationship where I can stay.  I can txt her and tell her I'm running late but I guess it's just sad we don't get along  to the point were we can trade her off and on and I don't have to get scared about time...  Well I talked to Quinn and told her I was sorry, I rushed her home and she wanted a drink of water.  I told her we had to go and that she can get on home.  She was sad I let her get a drink and felt I was upset with my family.  When in reality I was nervous and flustered because I feel controlled by this divorce decree.  She said she loved me and I said it back just feeling so horrible.  I hate this, being rushed because her mom and her lawyer put it together and I was blinded by the fact I still cared for her and now that everything is signed I can't help but feel like I should have though it through more.  I don't feel like going back to court yet.  I will give it some time but eventually I will go back and ask for more time.  I know I sound like I am complaining but some day I will post about how much time I do have her and then you will know why my frustrations are just so high.  But I will post about this later and give some other tips...

      I just love being a dad...  Any ideas or pointers please let me know!

     We did have such a great weekend and I can't wait for Wednesday!  Here are some pics!!!

We got up Saturday and played with stuffed animals!

Nap Time :)

We played bowling!!!!

She had so much fun.

We also did some coloring.

Quinn and her personality.....

Here we are at the fire!

Quinn and Serina

Here we are!

Playing around...


I got my lawn rolled Sunday! Jay's brother did it.  Now I can build the fire pit this summer.

Nap time!

Here we are at Oma and Popi's!  Oma is showing me the bird feeders!

Jumping around!

Just chilling with Popi.

Oma showed me how to fill the bird feeder...

Here we are!


  1. Wow what a great weekend! I know my time was wonderful and great. As for the end...well we all got carried away having such fun that time just got by us.

    Quinn loves to learn and see new things, OMA and POPPIE always have such wonderful things to see in the garden and their crafts, and the little lady loves that. As for my time, we love to sing. Looks like time with your friends is always so much fun and she is a social butterfly for sure.

    For the last few minutes it was a hassle...we all took to long hugging and saying good bye. Set the alarm to leave early and her memories will be wonderful of the weekends that they truly are.

    She smiled the whole weekend, and that what counts. Aunt Ro

  2. Seems like a beautiful weekend! :)