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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

I wanted to post and say Happy Mothers day to all!  

     Mothers are such special people.  They care for us before we even enter the world.  Keeping us safe from harm and protecting us.  When we are born they hold us, love us teach us.  They hug us when we fall and comfort us when were down.  When we smile and laugh they smile and feel so wonderful in side.  When we get hurt or need a shoulder to cry on they are always the first ones there.

     Mothers are such amazing people and I hope everyone got to talk or spend some time with theirs.  My mother has always been so wonderful to me.  From when I was little she would hug me when I would fall down and laugh with me when I was happy.  When I was dumped she hugged me when I cried and was there for me when I came back to my feet.  From grade school to college, girlfriends to even my divorce she never left and always listened.  When I still to this day call past midnight she answers.  The day I cut my finger she didn't even let me finish before I heard her tell my dad.  "Get up were getting Chris to the ER".

     She would help with with homework and she got to know all my friends in school, I think she knew everyone in school.  I would say she was probably cooler than me!  But when I was older and threw a party or two... okay or three I made sure two things.  One, it was hunting season so my dad was gone.  Sorry Dad... It's better you now know how many people came over, hey the house is still standing, and two I made sure my mom was there!  Momma Zini (long story I'll tell you later) as she's known for was the life of the party and helped me run the show.  People there would fight over who would get her as a beer pong partner!  I have to admit she is good!  She taught me the importance of family and the value of friends.  When it was time to have fun we did, and when it was time to be serious she was.  I was raised right and I can't thank her enough.  One of the hardest aspect of life is where we are born.  Some into fame, some into failure...  We do not choose what family we are born into but if every parent just steps up to make a difference we would be better off.  I was very fortunate to have good parents, family and friends.

     When my divorce came she did everything to help me get through it and she never stopped.  So i stopped over after work and my brother gave her our gifts and spent time with her.  She said the best gift was us, and just being there with her two boys.

     My Mom and I also are stubborn so we argue to.  My dad growing up heard a lot of it.  Passionate people we put our feelings out on the table so it was an interesting house to grow up in.  But before I would go to bed I would always end up by her door.  She would look up from reading and know I wanted to talk and say I was sorry.  We fight hard and fast, cool down and move on.  I know it sounds crazy but I love her and it works sometimes, and others it always doesn't.  The one thing I can say is whenever, and wherever I need her, she will be there for me and my brother.

     So I say I hope all mothers know this, you are so very special and loved by all.  Although my daughter's mother and I are no longer together she is a very good mother to her and for this I am grateful.

     So to all the Mothers around the world I say Happy Mothers day.  You are an amazing person!

    To you Mom I say thank you for being such a good Mom.

Happy Mothers Day!

Love, Your son

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