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Monday, May 21, 2012

The 2012 Annual Lilac Festival

   Spring time means Lilac's in Rochester!  The 2012 Lilac Festival was this past week and I had to bring Quinn.  Now because of our strange winter and very warm days in the winter the flowers came and went pretty much.  I picked up my parents because I new they would love to go and we headed off.

     When we arrived we walked around and took some great pictures of us and continued to just enjoy the wonderful afternoon.  The Lilac is the city flower and if you have never seen or smelled one you must.  They only come up in the spring for a short time but are such a beautiful flower.  Blooming in many different colors.

     We sat down and got some food and just watched everyone walk around.  Quinn and I had our yearly funnel cake!  It was so good and right after we finished, the wind blew and just dumped the power over her.  It was so cute, she did good.  She never cried or complained she just sat there and looked at me.  She was so cute.  We cleaned up ate some more dinner and then went on some rides!  This year they brought in more rids than usual.  It was so cute she had so much fun on them.

     In the end it was just a great day and so nice to spend with my parents and walk the park.  See how beautiful our city is.  The only problem is the place can get crowded fast.  There was a lot of people there for a Wednesday.

     Well my weekend update is coming I took some time off to just enjoy Quinn I will update everyone this week our adventures!

    I hope all is well and please keep in touch!
Enjoy the pics!


Here we are!

Oma and Popi with Quinn.

The Lilacs! 

They smell so good!

Here she goes!

More playing around


Funnel cake!!!

Watch the wind!

Look at all the people!!

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