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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A great surprise!

Today I picked up Quinn and we went home to the park for a little walk and some time to play.  The weather is getting nicer. (Finally)  It is so nice to finally get a nice day and not have to wear your winter coat in May.  We went swinging, and climbing and down the slides!

Quinn is getting so big now she can climb up ladder her self so easily.  I just can't believe how big she gets.  Well this weekend is coming up and we have some great plans ready.  After we had some dinner and then a little TV time.  After we went upstairs and Quinn saw her room.  She got new blinds!  My parents were working with me for a while now to update her room and blinds.  They came out perfect and she loved them!  Her room looks complete and the house is now coming together.

Enjoy the pics!

Here we are at the park!

Just driving around.

Dinner time!

The new blinds!

I love them! Thank you!!!

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