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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting ready for the sun.

           As the spring finally get’s ready to close out and the cold weather finally ends it is time to break out the shorts and light shirts.  Now is a great time to clean your home start on the yard and just get ready for summer.  It is also take time and remember you can’t just jump into summer.  You have to slowly start.  Just because it is nice out don’t go outside and just tackle the whole yard.  You may think your ready but remember you relaxed all winter and hibernated.  Do one small job at time and take your time.  Ease into cleaning and getting your yard ready for summer. 

            When you start cleaning the house do a section at a time.  Put some music on and tackle a few rooms at a time and then rest.  Go out and see friends or just relax, pacing your self is very important.  We also have to be aware that the sun is back out and to be mindful of its harmful rays!  Be sure to protect your self and not take advantage of it just because it is May.  You can still burn and get sick even though the temperature isn’t that hot outside.  As we transition into summer this is a great time to just get ready for the nice weather, friends and family.  It honestly takes me some time to do this.  The past winter was odd.  We didn’t get much snow, it was cold, then it would warm up.  Coming down from a winter like that you have be careful.

            For all my single parents out there be sure to now start getting active!  Be outside and play with your children.  Take them for walks, or to the park or outside just to get some fresh air.  I know the past several months you were used to being in and lounging on the couch but make sure they get some run-around time.  The other thing to remember is to not be outside to much.  They can only take so much sun as well.  So I usually go in the morning when it is cooler out and by lunch we are on the porch or on the couch with some window open getting ready for our nap.  Make sure by mid day you see how hot and sunny it is out.  They may want to go play but they don’t understand how dangerous the heat can be. 

            Make sure your child is protected and you are as well.  As you are outside and planting flowers enjoy your time in the sun!  Take some time to “smell the roses”.  Sometimes I feel we are so busy with work all we do is run to our car go to work then get home to unwind.  Enjoy a nice cool beverage on your deck or porch under an umbrella or porch roof.  Hang out with friends and just enjoy their time.  Some of the best days Quinn and I have are when people come over to visit.  We turn some music on and sit on my porch under the safety of the shade.  We get a snack and a drink and just talk and relax. 

            As summer starts up remember to go into it slow and always take shade breaks!  It is however to get some sun.  Sun is good for your body and makes us generally feel better.  Enjoy the start of summer everyone!!! 

Always Remember,
You are never alone…


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