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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesdays Tip: Nap Time Part 2

      A few weeks ago I did a post about Nap Time since then Quinn's Nap's have been getting better  but as the days get longer and the weather is nicer out she is getting harder to put down for her nap.  What I have been trying and it is still a work in progress is now getting her to lay down around noon and then putting some TV on for just a little bit.  She has lunch then we lay down and relax, after a little while I turn the TV off and she has to close her eyes.

     I have found that if i leave the TV on she gets distracted but if I don't let her unwind to a short movie or some TV for at least a little she doesn't go down as easy.  I don't mind a little TV time but try to limit it to just a small amount.  When I left the room and came back I saw Quinn was sound asleep and she did great.

     I still can't stress how important a nap is to not only a child but even the parent.  A small mid day nap gets us rested and when the weather gets hot out a nap is very important.  As it gets warmer out we will spend more time out side and not realize how tired we can get.  We have to be careful not to get sunburned or over tired.  If the day is dangerously hot we will spend the day on the porch or inside a little more only because of how young she is and how dangerous the heat and sun are to her.

     The difference a nap makes is just so big.  The days she skips it or just doesn't go she gets very cranky and difficult.  If she goes down she is much easier that day to deal and work with.  Getting her in her room is difficulty because she is used to the couch and loves to just be around me which is cute.

     So if you are having difficulty putting your child down try different area's of the house like the couch and try letting them wind down with TV and then turning it off so they can fall asleep.  If you have any other tricks or advise please let me know.

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