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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Mid Week Break

      This year's Easter was tough Quinn and I didn't get to have very much time together so I wanted to use a picture from last years Easter.  This was taken with Vicki our minister and one of my most trusted advisors.  I sometimes post about religion but if I do I mainly post about how wonderful she has been as a friend and helped me through my divorce.  I have some future post in the works and she will come up  because of how important she is.  She is also a big fan and follower of my site.   I will post more about her later today is just a quick pic to say hello.  I didn't get an Easter picture this year and always loved this one.  So to celebrate a good Easter and a very close friend I chose this to be my Mid Week Break Pic. 

      Have a great week everyone, stay in touch.


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