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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Walking in the Rain

         I have always been a big believer of never taking advantage of the small things in life like the rain.  Over the past several years I’ve noticed how many people run and hide from it.  We bundle up and carry umbrellas to avoid it.  We fear getting wet and want to protect or clothing and hair.  Now sometimes this is agreeable but I often see rain as a time to slow down and just feel it on my face and body…

            You may ask why in the world I posted about this…  Well it’s so often we take advantage of the rain.  How many times have you just slowed down and felt it land on you on a warm summer night.  We fear getting wet because then we have to dry off and honestly people don’t love to walk around soaking wet.  Just once go outside in the rain and feel it come down.  When Quinn is over and it’s warm we always play in the rain, take a walk, jump in puddles just enjoy it for what it is.  She has learned to love the rain and when it rains out now she ask to go outside and play.  I have no problem as long as its not thundering out or cold.  Rain and cold weather can cause an issues this I will agree.  Besides playing in it there is also just lying in bed and hearing it hit the roof with a window cracked.  I also love to sit on my porch and have a cup of tea and watch it fall. 

            I live in a city that is second in the nation for seasonal depression, next to Seattle.  But I embraced the seasons and when it rains enjoy the fact that my city gets rain where others may not.  I also love to walk in it because you just never know one day it may stop.  I know for now it will keep raining but what if one day it did.  What would you do if one day you had to tell your grandchildren about rain because it no longer happens.  We take small things for granted and then when they are gone wish we had more time.  More time to jump in puddles or just feel it come down, the smell of the air after it settles or a beautiful picture of a rain bow after a storm. 

         Sometimes I just love being out and getting caught in the rain.  One day you will just be walking and then all of a sudden it just rains.  I just can't help but love to keep walking, even slow down.  We see people running to their cars or getting out their umbrella's.  I guess I just love to watch as I get rained down.  

            As a people we have used up so many resources on our planet already and continue to use them as our population increases.  I wonder the future of our planet I hope she holds up.  Not every country cars for it in the same ways and I just fear one day the rain will just stop…

            So next time you are out and it starts to rain, if you don’t have something important in your hands, enjoy it.  Walk a little slower and think about what would happen if one day if the rain was just a story…   

Always Remember,
You are never alone…


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  1. What a great post...and what a great way to look at the rain. I will certainly look at it differently the next time it rains where I live : ) Thanks.