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Thursday, May 24, 2012

What a hot weekend!

     Well the past weekend was a hot one!  I picked up Quinn this past Friday night and we were off.  I could tell she wasn't feeling that well because she is usually excited to come but she wasn't as excited this time.  When we got in the car and started our weekend!  We did some grocery shopping and then headed home.  I could tell she wasn't feeling well and then she started getting warm.  My poor little baby was burning up!  I gave her some meds and then cooled her down with a cool cloth.  I know the meds do most of the work but I always loved a cool cloth growing up.

     Quinn was so cute she loved the cloth and would say "thank you daddy that feels better" as I put it on her head and neck.  We just relaxed on the couch then up to bed.  I let her sleep in my bed because she wasn't feeling well and she crashed early.  The next day we got up and had a big breakfast!  The fever was broken and she was doing much better.  We spent the morning with my aunt and mom.  They came over to see us and just catch up.  We had so much fun playing in her room, running around the yard and just sitting on the porch.

     The day was very hot and we stayed out of the sun to avoid getting burned.  We had our sunscreen on of course, but you can't take chances.  My mom, Quinn and I planted a sunflower, we can't wait to see it grow!  After hanging out on the porch got us hungry so we sat down for a big lunch!  We took a small nap and then hung in the rest of the day.  The day was just so hot Quinn can only stay outside so long.  After her nap Vinny, Jay and Serina came over for a visit and got to say hello!

     We settled down for the night and then got some rest.  Sunday we woke up and went to the early service for church then headed home for our nap.  Later that day we went to my Aunts house for dinner!  My parents were there and we cooked steaks, and corn and had fruit.  Later we had pie and went to the playground behind her house.  We had so much fun and it was so cute just seeing her chase my parents around as my aunt and I talked and did some dishes.  The house she lives in has seen many generations of my family so watching my little daughter run around I got to experience the joy so may other family members have in that home...

     After we played at the playground we headed back.  It was a good weekend and I finally got some time to just relax and hold Quinn.  We played outside, hung out on the couch and just overall bonded.  I would be lying by saying I'm used to it by now...  I will say things are getting better...

Always remember,
You are never alone...
Enjoy the pics!

Puzzles with Oma!

Look at my little gardner!

Aunt Ro and I

Daddy and I

Just chatting it up...

There are the ladies!!!

Like my grandfather before me: Daughter in one hand, Genny in the other!

At Aunt Ro's house on sunday!

She wore my pops out!

Dinner was so good!

Get up Popi! Time to chase Oma!

Come and find us.

Just some Daddy time...

Down we go! I don't think I have seen my old man go down a slide in a long time!

Here we are!

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