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Monday, January 21, 2013

Colder Weather

     As I sit here and post tonight I think about the days when I wore shorts!  I don't think I can put on anymore layers!  The past weekend it went from 65 down to 7.  As the temp drops and the snow comes in I realize yes, it is winter...  With winter comes the dormant times, staying in and being close under a blanket with a movie on or just sitting with a cup of hot tea.  The one thing I do love about where I live is the cold sends the world into hiding...  The bugs hide out, the birds leave town everyone skips out, except us...  We have to work on Monday...  So as this week starts I know I will be getting up early to get the jeep ready and to make sure I am set to run out and face the cold morning.  I hope I don't have to clear out the drive way to much this week.

     I love looking out over the white lands as all the green earth gets covered and the trees look like they have been dipped in marsh mellows.  Winter brings a sense of just taking it easy and catching up on some relaxing.  Get your blue ray/dvd player working and put on some nice movies.  If you have a nice day go out and do some sledding with the kids or skiing.  Next year I would like to get Quinn involved so we will see about that.  Winter brings a sense of a fresh start.  Well I know you would think spring does but winter starts us all over and the animals all leave and it gives us a change to go outside and not get a bug bite, you may get frost bite, but at least it doesn't ich!

      As your winter goes on think about just having some friends over for a board game night or catching up on some inside cleaning.  Remember that winter keeps the circle of life around for when spring comes everything will wake up and you will find your self back outside working and getting ready for the summer months.

    For anyone that has a cold week a head I hope you stay warm!  Cuddle up and drink something soothing!  I attached a nice video clip for this event!  I know my buddy Hughey will love it...

     Have a safe and healthy Winter, and always remember,
You are never alone...

Enjoy the Video,


  1. Here we are freezing and a video on snow and storms........Margaritaville at this point would be a good utube to show. Save this one for July when the temp is 90. Ha ha....love you bushels, Aunt Ro