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Friday, January 4, 2013


     This, well I should say "last" year" Christmas eve was wonderful I picked up Quinn that afternoon and we headed over to my rents to get ready for dinner and gifts.  My parents, brother, Aunt, Quinn and I had a very nice evening.  We had such a wonderful dinner and opened gifts.  My family got Quinn such nice things, some cute cloths and fun toys.  She also handed out her presents to them.  Later  we we went to Church.  I'm so happy Quinn loves going to church, she just absolutely loves Vicki.  I'm very blessed because going to church is so good for us and and when you grow older you will go naturally with out your parents having to ask.  Just watching my family play and laugh as Quinn was tearing open her gifts and watching her eyes light up was special.  I sat and watched her enjoy the evening.  We danced and played and ate and had fun into the night.  Quinn did so well and just enjoyed everyone.  My Mom, Aunt Ro and Quinn performed a dance for us!  

    The next day Quinn and I slept in a little and just caught up on sleep.  That morning we opened up some more gifts and had some breakfast.  She was so excited to get her gifts!  She got some nice ones from Santa and her daddy!  She got some great things and I'll let the pictures do the talking.  I then brought her back home and headed back to see my rents.  We had breakfast and had some more gifts.   I then stopped over my Aunts house and spent some time just hanging out and talking to her.  It was nice to swing over and see family all day.  Later that night I spent the night with friends and just relaxed...

     It was a great holiday and I can't wait to tell you how the rest of the year finished off!

Oma and Popi and Quinn!

Opening some gifts!

Wow look at them all!

More gifts!

Hanging out with Uncle Kenny!

Dancing with Aunt Ro!

Here we are!

Just hanging out with Daddy...

What a great dance show!

Here we all are!

Just relaxing...

Just the girls...

Thanks Uncle Kenny!!

What a nice blanket!

My silly little one...

Here we are with Vicki!

Christmas Morning...

Just Quinn and her Dad...

Wow look at the great gifts!

Some breakfast

    The season went so fast but in the end we had such a great holiday.  Sometimes I feel the day went to fast but as she gets older she will come and go and Dad will be there just hanging out.  I know as time goes on kids start to do their own thing and as I grew older I remember the first time I told my parents I was leaving to go see my friends.  I told them it was 7 and Christmas as over, lol.  I have a few years before that but as she grows older we will get to that later.  For now I just take each moment and love her for the little angle she is...

Happy Holidays!
Always remember,
You are never alone...

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