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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesdays Tip: Starting a New Year

     Starting a new year means many things.  Not being the first Tuesday I am already behind on one of my New Years Resolutions, posting more.  I really want to post more and get my blog up to date with more features.  I plan on updating it this spring.  I know I talked about updating it this fall, but you know how roll outs go!  I can't help but think about the new year and the new beginning, a New Year's resolution is a great thing to do because it gets us to start fresh, usually by the end of the year we are ready for a fresh start and day one is always a good time to start something new!

     My tip is to think about something you would like to do or change and try hard this year.  Maybe it is eating healthy or working out more.  Stopping a bad habit, or picking up a good new one.  Think of something that you didn't like last year and try to change it this year.  The past few years for me was quite the adventure.  I am really excited about this year and feel it will be the turn around year.  What ever your resolution maybe I wish you well and good fortune.

     Always remember everyone has some good days and bad, even a good year or not but we always bounce back so remember to  love your family and friends, don't work to hard, enjoy your days, hold your faith, and always, always, always remember...

You are never alone...


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