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Friday, January 18, 2013

A Day with Uncle Paul

     Just before New Years Uncle Paul stopped over for a visit.  Uncle Pauly had some gifts for Quinn.  It was so nice of him to come over and spend time with us.  Paul got her some Angry birds things, like a game and a pillow and a candy making set!  Paul has always been so good to Quinn, she loves her uncle.  We made some candy played with some of her games and then just talked and caught up.

     Paul lives back in town so it's nice to see him more.  He's busy with work but its nice to have him close again.  I hope he stays here for a little while...

Here they are!

Angry Birds!!!

We stopped to make some home made candy!

Uncle Paul and Quinn

Doing some puzzles

Quality time.

Here we all are.

I know we're goofy!

Paul's so good with Quinn...

     We had such a good afternoon.  Quinn went down for her nap and Paul and I had some time to catch up ad just see how things are going.  I try to see him at least a few times a month.  Sometimes we do lunch or breakfast and catch up or just a beer some nights and talk about old times.  Paul's always been such a good friend since I was young.  I'm very fortunate to have such good friends like him...

     With friends like Paul, sometimes I forget I'm a single Dad for a while and the pain of being alone disappears....

Always Remember,
You are never alone....


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  1. Godfathers are nice and Uncle Paul is a super one !

    love, Aunt Ro