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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Night with Tina!

            I have been waiting to post about this adventure for a little while now so I could sit down and take my time on the post.  For a while now I have been wanting to get Quinn over to meet a very close friend of my Aunt.  Tina and my aunt have been friends for many years.  She and her husband Jim have 2 boys, Jamie and Mark.  Mark lives here in Rochester and Jamie lives in Phoenix.  Jamie lives with his wife, Kelly and they home for the holidays.  Tina is also one of my biggest supporters and readers of my blog so I was excited to finally have her meet Quinn and take some pictures!  She is one of my biggest fans and I love how supportive she is.  We try to get over to see Tina around Christmas time because the family is over and its great to catch up and talk to everyone.  That night was one heck of an adventure lets say that…

            It was the day after Christmas and there was a blizzard warning in effect!  It was snowing like crazy by the time I got Quinn from her Mom’s.  We went over to get my brother and aunt and headed out with the food and all of us.  On the way there it started to really snow even harder.  As I made a slow right hand turn we started to slide a little!  There we were, Quinn and my Aunt singing in the back, my brother trying to side seat drive and me, yelling at all of them to pipe down so I can get us there in one piece!  The Jeep held strong and we got there with flying colors.  When we walked in Quinn was excited to meet everyone.  Not only was the family there but they had many other friends come over to have dinner and just spend time with each other.  We had pizza, snacks, drinks and amazing desserts.  There was a lot of great food and I was excited because I was hungry.  After we ate Quinn ended up playing with another little boy that was there, it was cute they played with some Lego’s and other toys.  I guess my aunt told me while I was in the other room that the little boy told Quinn he was bigger than her, so she said no!  They both stood up and were toe to toe, the little boy was just a taller than Quinn.  Then my aunt told me he said “see I am” then Quinn goes “for now”.  Quinn, haha you’re to much.  That’s my little girl, she is such a trip.  Later after dessert we all sat in the family room and talked while Quinn ran around the room and house playing hide and seek with Mark and my self. 

            She was running from room to room and Tina and my Aunt couldn’t help but laugh.  She was so funny, Mark, his brother Jamie and his Wife Kelly were so good with her, they just adore her.  We took some great pics of everyone too.  I had to calm my little angle down a few times or she never would have gone to sleep!  I think everyone just enjoyed her though.  The thing about children is they bring noise and they run around and sometimes knock things over but they remind us of our youth and that you can’t put a price on.  I find when adults get together and Quinn is around they usually love when she gets excited and plays with them.  Sometimes a quiet house is nice, but the laughter of a child brings so much to a room of adults.  I know my aunt enjoys her but Tina was having so much fun.  She couldn’t believe how excited Quinn was and just how she wasn’t shy and how she talked to everyone there and just had so much fun.  Wet sat around and watched Quinn just be her cute self and run and play, without a care in the world, the way it should be.  After a while we packed up and headed back home.  I got everyone back and then we were home to relax.  I ended up having to snow blow my drive way twice that night it was just that bad when the night drew on. 

            We had such a good night and I can’t wait till next year when we go again.  It was a visit long in the making and I’m just so glad Tina finally got to meet and enjoy Quinn.  Everyone had such a good night; I remind my self that with the bad days comes the good, like this.  I can't wait for next year and hope we can do this more often.  I know I have such good family and friends that love me and Quinn and support us and our struggles.  They way life should be…

Enjoy the pics!

Quinn and Tina did a little gift exchange! 

Here we are just hanging out.

Aunt Ro, Tina, Quinn and I.

Quinn Showing Tina her new cowgirl hat

Of course there's dancing!

The girls!

Tina and her boys, Mark and Jamie, with Aunt Ro and Quinn.

Tina, her boys and  Kelly

Always remember,
You are never alone…


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