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Monday, January 14, 2013

The start to a busy weekend!

     Friday was the start to a very busy weekend!  Now the weekend update will come later this week, we have a lot of pics to sort and I have to sit down and actually write the post!  I did however want to kick off you're happy Monday with Fridays start!

     Well the week was finally over and being as crazy as it was with work and being year end I was ready to enjoy my fish fry!  Hughey met us out at one of our usually spots and we sat and had dinner.  Quinn had a good time and just enjoyed our company.  We have a few places we get dinner from now and she loves them all.  I was so excited because when I went to pick her up she ran into my arms!  She couldn't wait to get the weekend going.  It's so nice because I know last year I posted about some events when she didn't want to even come with me.  I feel she is growing up and I really try to make our time enjoyable.

     After dinner Quinn and I went home and Hughey had some other things he had to attend to.  It was just the munch and I.  That was good with me, I really just wanted some alone time with her.  We just enjoyed some TV time and then went to bed.  It was just good because as I have posted about in the past sometimes bonding starts with just being next to your child and letting them know you are there.  Having your arms around them or just having a tickle fight!

     Friday showed Quinn that I didn't want to be anywhere else but next to her and that she had my undivided attention.  I feel sometimes kids just need that, to know their parents are doing nothing but paying all their attention to them.  It really makes them, feel special.  I guess sometimes being a Dad at my age is hard because I still like to get that from my parents and I know how excited they are when Quinn is around so I take a back seat, from time to time...

     I did how ever take a great pic and will get it in my mid weak break post for you.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I can't wait to sit down and update you on what we did Sat. and Sun.  I am how ever ready for bed and ready for another long week!


And always remember,
You are never alone...

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