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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesdays Tip: Trying to break a habit

     Over the past few months I have been working on making sure Quinn doesn't get adapted to some things like always sleeping in my bed or skipping a nap or two.  These two are the bigger ones because Quinn does love sleeping next to me when she wakes up late in the night.  This one is hard because being a single dad, I don't see her that much so it's very hard.

     What I try to do is talk to Quinn early in the night and she will ask if she can come in and sleep in my bed.  I will usually tell her to start in her bed and then see.  She usually she comes in and i'll tell her to go back, she will usually say "awee" and then go back.  She is cute I have to admit because she will unplug her light like I asked.  She will do this a few times usually until I fall asleep and wake up with her next to me.  I have to admit she is good I don't even know how she does it, just sneaks in some how.  Although this tip i am currently still working on I will have to get back to you.  I would say the hardest part of having to bring her back is just seeing how sad she gets.  I know when she gets older she will grow out of it and eventually she will have to sleep in her own room.  I know comfort is one of our hardest hurdles to get over but to get her out of this will only help her grow.  I start by making sure she knows she has to start in her room and then if she wants to come in later I allow it.  Over time I hae her come in later and later, or advise her she can only spend one night in my room.  We are still in the testing mode so I will keep you posted!

    As far as her naps, well some say naps are for all different ages.  I say naps are for all ages!  I make sure that she does nap for at least a little in the afternoon.  When she naps she does so much better.  I usually put her down around 1 or 2 and while she sleeps I usually clean or nap my self.  I personally think that a nap is still good for kids.  That hour rest just helps, kids are growing and Quinn has to get up early for school so when she comes to my house for the weekends I really try to let her rest up as much as possible.  Getting her to nap can be sometimes harder than others.  She maybe to excited or she just can't sleep.  There are days I let it go but typically telling her it's nap time works.  She is good about going up stairs and laying down.  I try to get her in her own bed but some days its hard to just get her up there so I let her crash in my bed for a little, it does get her to sleep faster.  A tip I use is just to talk to them and tell them how good naps are.  Even lay down with them for a little while.  Kids that don't get to see their parents that much just get excited.  Remember they just want to spend as much time with you as possible.   It's hard to be the good parent but also try to spoil your kid with love too!

     I hope the tips help and please share some of your own tips and tricks!  Always remember you children love you very much and sometimes when you feel they aren't working with you, it could just be that they don't want to leave your side...

Always remember...
You are never alone...

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