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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A night out with Aunt Ro

     After Christmas our Aunt took my brother, Quinn and my self out for dinner.  We have been doing this since we were small.  It would be my Grandma, Aunt, Brother and I.  We called it Grandma and the Gang.  I think we still do, some titles never have to change.  We would go to dinner and then spend the night, and well drive my poor Aunt and Grandma crazy by running around all night!  Well as we grew older we would still go to dinner but not run around till 3 am ha-ha.

     I packed up Quinn and we went and picked up my brother and we headed out.  We met our Aunt out for an open sleigh ride over at Heberle Stables.  We sat around a nice warm fire while they got our sleigh ready and got the horse hooked up.  Quinn was so excited!  When we got on we rode around Ellison park, it was nice we had blankets on us and just enjoyed the night.  A nice crisp night ride, as we rode around we talked and just looked around and enjoyed the nice winter air.  After our ride we went to dinner, Aunt Ro took us to dinner at the Northside Inn.  Dinner was wonderful, when we sat down we were so hungry I think we filled up on bread!  The food was so wonderful they always do a great job.  After dinner and some nice pictures we went back to our Aunts house for some dessert some presents.  We had some ice cream and my Aunt had some gifts for Quinn.  We sat around and enjoyed Quinn and laughed before we headed home.

Here is the Sleigh!

Quinn was so cute!

Here we are at dinner.

Our annual pictuer

More gifts!

Get Uncle Kenny!

I showed Quinn what whipped cream is really used for.

 I always look forward to our night out with my aunt because it is a tradition we have been doing for so many years.  It reminds me of our dinners when our Grandma was with us and just about how we ran around at night.  My Aunt loves to tell Quinn about that.  I can't wait till she is older, and we can stay out a little later.  I hope you have a tradition you love and do with your family or friends!  Take a moment to think about them today and share a laugh with a friend, send a text or call them.  Remember to never get to old or let to much time pass to think about past traditions.

Always remember,
You are never alone.

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