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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A mid week Tip!

     A few post got pushed back so I am doing a mid week tip!  This past weekend Quinn had a bad case of chapped lips.  Even though it is getting warmer out make sure you protect your lips!  I spent the weekend healing them with Vaseline and by the end of the weekend she was feeling much better.  Always remember with the cold comes dry skin and chapped lips!  I watched her and tried to tell her not to lick them or wipe them.  She did really good and even let me put medicine on her late at night.

     I try to make sure Quinn has lotion on when I have her, Kayla does a great job of helping me with this.  Quinn can get try skin so we always make sure we are helping with this.  As a tip I would say even though it is cold make sure you put lotion on, your skin will dry up in this cold weather and crack.  It also gets very itchy and uncomfortable.  I wont lie putting on lotion stinks because its cold but its something you just have to do and protect your self doing!  After a bath or shower is a great time because you just washed.  once the lotion dries and you warm up you will feel so much better. 

   There are many different kinds so choose one you like and try a few if your not sure.  I use Johnson and Johnson Lotion, I know usually its for kids but they have all different kinds and its a name I trust.  They are also affordable and I think they do the best job.  I have used them for years and will continue to.  I do like how they have about 5 different kinds from healing, to bedtime.  Everyone has a preference but find one you like and stick with it!

     I hope this tip helps and remember to keep your lips save and your skin.

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