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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Control, how to keep it.

     When it comes to control there are many aspects, when I comes to how to control your child, well that's a losing battle.  All we can do is our best to keep them on the path as best we can.  Quinn is still questioning things and saying no to things but for the most part she is doing a great job of listening.  I know its mainly part of the process however I look for the signs.  I try to work with her and explain why we are doing things the way we are and watch if she's tired.  If she is tired there is nothing you can do they will just get cranky.  They will also tell you there not tired as well.  I still let Quinn rest or nap when I have her because there are days she needs them, there are days I need them!

    When it comes to telling Quinn what were going to do and when I explain it and let her just take it in.  It maybe staying in because the weather is bad or if we are going someplace explain what were doing.  Sometimes she tells us that she has a stomach ach.  This is just nerves, once we go out and get to the event she warms right up.  When it comes to some helpful tips try the following.

   1)  Make sure your child knows you are the boss and no to let them get away with things or else they will keep doing it.

   2)  Talk to your child and see how they feel, you may not always want to say this is how it's going to be to bad.  If you child wants to negotiate see what they have to say.

   3)  If you go out or do something and it upsets your child to the point where they are not faking it then always go.  Never put your child in a place where they are scared.  If you go out and they are upset and want to go talk to them and see if it continues take them home.   I have taken Quinn home from dinners because she was just so upset and wanted to be home.

   4)  Only go or stop what you are doing after you take to your child and explain the options, explain you may not come back.  Leaving is a final options however never let your child think they can just cry and that will get you to take them home.

   5)  Watch your child's energy level, see if they are due for a nap.  It is harder to talk or do things if they are tired.  Get them a nap or to bed early, this young in the stage of life is busy with learning and getting up very early.  They do get tired very fast so check to see if they need a break and a nap. 

   There are of course many more tips but I hope this helps.  You can listen to your children but still make the final decision.  That's how it goes when they are little and have to know one day they will be the adults.  Everything comes with time and practice...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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