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Monday, March 3, 2014

Thinking of you Sean.

     I post tonight for Sean.  I post a lot about Sean's family, his brothers are very close to me and his family has been my family.  Sean has been battling cystic fibrosis his whole life.  He has been so amazing and living with it has never slowed him down.  Sean needs a double lung transplant and he is now in NYC waiting.  His Mother has been sending updates and we are all praying lungs come.  Sean is such a remarkable person growing up he was like my own little brother.  As he grew up I watched him grow.  Get jobs, go to college, and even meet the love of his life Samantha.  

     When Sean would go into the hospital to get his treatments we would go up and visit him.  Bring dinner and just spending time with him.  He just would always be in this amazing spirit and make us laugh.  Sean is one of the most amazing person's I've ever met and pray daily the lord gives him the lungs he needs.  Sean had a fundraiser not to long ago to help raise money.  There were prizes and food and music.  We had a great time and it was just so nice to see him.  I am in the process of sending a letter and card to Sean if you would like the address just let me know.

     To Sean, I say I'm praying for you buddy and I know you will keep fighting.  Never give up and know how much I and many people love you that we are praying for you.  
We love so much!

Always remember,
You are never alone...

Below are some pics of Sean.

Here is Hughey, Sean and I at the camp!

Here we are again.

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