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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The weekend update.

     This past weekend was great, Quinn had so much fun and I can't wait to tell you about it.  Friday we made dinner and hung in.  It was a long week and we needed our sleep for the big weekend we had.
     Saturday we got up and made a nice breakfast of eggs, toast and sausage!  We then took some time to relax.  It was still cold out but the problem was it was wet so wet cold laws don't make for much fun.  We did some coloring and writing.  Her writing and spelling skills are improving so much!  Quinn also took a nice sized nap, I think the past few weeks she has been tired from getting up early and with her first year of school it just takes some getting used to.  Later that night we all met up with Aunt Ro and went to the YMCA for a fundraiser! One of the employee's there has a little boy who has cancer and there was a big fundraiser to help with the medical cost. 
     It was superhero themed and everyone was dressed up, there was cotton candy, popcorn and lots of games!  We walked around and got our picture taken, ate some popcorn and even went in the jump house!  It was so nice to see how many people went to give their support. Quinn even got her face painted!  After we headed out for dinner and then some dessert. 
     Sunday we got up and worked on our homework!  Quinn told me she didn't like it, I told her she has to get used to it because she will only get more as she gets older.  She is however getting a lot better at writing her name and other words she is working on.  That night I dropped her off and gave her a big hug and kiss, told her I would see her Wednesday and I started my week all over again.
     The weekend was fun, the weather not so much but it will get better.  I can't wait to play outside and just be able to take walks. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well.
Always remember,
You are never alone...

Saturday breakfast!

Here is Quinn and Aunt Ro getting their picture taken!

Face painting time.

The place was packed!

Quinn played all kinds of games.

There goes my aunt through the jump house!

Up she goes!

Down she goes!

Here goes Quinn!
She made it!


Not sure why this got rotated, she's actually climbing!

Sunday we did a dance party!  Quinn played with her dance DVD.



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