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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday's Tip

     With the nice weather approaching my tip for you now is to get out there and start excising!  Now most start with the new year but if you haven't yet I would start getting your body ready for that nice summer weather.  Improve your diet, take longer walks find a gym you like or a sport you enjoy! Getting started this early will make you feel better, look better and life healthier!  As the spring goes on I plan to send some more specific tips out there but for now I would say to start taking your health serious.  If you took the winter off or not, get going and get healthy.

     Even if you work out a few days a week and eat better a few dinners a week and give up some sweets or some things that you could use without.  Every bit helps but the hardest part is control, you have to fight the need for intake but get started soon!  You can work out everyday but a lot of being healthy and looking good starts with intake and what you eat.

     I hope this starts a good path, and gets you going to a healthy start.

I can't wait to update more tips, but for now.

Always remember,

You are never alone...


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