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Thursday, March 27, 2014

How big she is getting

     This morning as we got ready to leave for school I was so proud of how fast she can get ready and with out help.  Quinn got dressed and went downstairs with me with out me having to help her or tell her more than once.  She is brushing her teeth by her self as well.  She put her shoes and jacket on with out any problems and then even holds the door for her old man as we leave.  She is quite the little girl. 

     I guess I just can't believe how big she has gotten, they do grow up so fast.  One minute you are bottle feeding them and doing everything the next they are opening their own car door to get in.  I do miss holding her as a little one but I do love her booster seat, it is much easier to work with than the car seat, that I will tell ya!  As time goes on I do try to push Quinn to do more and figure different things out.  I try to help her and show her something, then watch her.  Her frustration levels are still high but I think that's because she get's that from me.  She will learn to work with it, and control it. 

    The other weekend I took some of Quinn's cloths she can't fit into anymore and got them ready for donation or sale.  As I folded them and bagged them up I got sad because some of the cloths I got her when she first moved her.  Some are very special to me I looked over some of the shirts and just laughed as I remember buying them like yesterday.  They say time does fly when your having fun, and it does.  What's in store for her the next few years, well I can't wait to see we have so much still to go and this post will probably be one of many...

For all my fellow parents out there I hope you enjoy each moments because they grow up fast...

Always remember,

You are never alone...


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