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Friday, May 15, 2015

Certified to Save Lives...


     This past week I had to get recertified in  CPR/AED/First Aid. (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillator.)  Every two years it runs out and I go to a few hour class to get this set.  I think with all that goes on in today's world I can't stress how important it really is to just at least know this information.  I know not everyone has the time to get it set and some places charge however I would tell anyone its always very important because someone could need it that could be around you.  The course was fun and we got to watch video's then do demonstrations.  They teach you how to not panic and just start to get aid to someone who needs it.  I have not needed to use my training however it does feel good I am ready if I ever need it.

     When it comes to helping others in this day and age there is a question of do we?  I know this sounds bad but there are cases of people getting more hurt from others helping and then lawsuits come around.  However there are states that have a good Samaritan Law, some sates will fine you if you don't try to help!  I would say yes if you know how to help someone try, when it coms to more back issues or something well then be careful I wouldn't advise anyone to move someone if they don't have to.  Let professional help arrive before you hurt them further.  Of course there are things like fire or if something was going to fall on them or they were falling that can override however in cases like CPR you always check the scene first.  The good thing is learning CPR/AED is not hard and an AED tells you the steps.  Our instructor told us the most important thing with and AED is turning it on because after you do the machine will tell you what to do.  Preforming CPR is so important because you are moving the blood thought the body.  We learned that blood has oxogyn in it and you can keep performing CPR and the blood will still get oxoygen to the body.  There are mouth to mouth trainings.  In this day however we are trained but they recommend we use a mouth guard or filter.  I know people get nervous when giving breaths which is why they always say if anyting just keep doing chest compressions. 

     Our instructor advised they are considering taking mouth to mouth out because a study showed when you do chest compressions the lugs do get air.  Kind of like a squeeze ball, when you compress it fills back up.  However don't quote me on anything!  They say the rule of thumb is give mouth to mouth to someone you would kiss.  Family or very close friends.  However always keep doing CPR!   Also call for help ASAP!     

     We asked our instructor if you can get sued, he said he performed CPR on many people including woman and people are going to be more grateful you saved their lives than rather get mad a rib is bruised or their shirt was opened up so you can perform CPR or place an AED.  He told us ribs and things like that heal, but you can heal death.  Also most people may not know there are different pads or devices for kids and adults.  You need to use the correct ones so you wont hurt the child.  That is why the course is so important because people may just start pounding on your chest but there are places you cant push!  If you go to low can you break ribs and they can go into lungs or your liver, if you go to high you may not get the heart to move blood at all.  We also talked about how to use the AED and how important it is.  

      Of course for more information please contact the American Heart Association , your local town or The Red Cross to get info on training.  Seek help with a certified instructor don't just use the internet!  There maybe out dated information you are reading.  Be sure to get helpful information the correct way and make sure it is up to date. 

     The picture below is what we learned are the 5 important steps to saving a life with CPR. 
1) Call for help, 2) start CPR, 3) use AED,  4) Medical Help assist (EMT), 5) Hospital or facility care.  I guess we take this for granted because we don't need them or are around someone that does.  However never do!  Always be alert and ready!

Be safe, get certified and always be ready...

Always remember,
You are never alone...



  1. Very nice! Definitely a good thing to get!

  2. Good for you, Chris! I haven't gotten this yet, but it is definitely something that I will look into soon.

    1. Thank you! Yes sometimes I feel we take things like this for granted then we need it and we panic. Take a look around there are many places that offer courses!