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Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Weekend Update

     This past weekend was an exciting one!  Friday some of Kay's family came up to visit!  Connor came up and is staying with us for the week!  Quinn was so excited to see him.  We went and had some dinner with friends and family.  We just grilled out, one of Kay's family members has a daughter Quinns age and the girls have a lot of fun.  Saturday we had some friends over for dinner and just hung out with friends we haven't seen in a while.  We showed Kay's family our house and gave them a tour of what we have done.

     Sunday my parents stopped over for a few hours and we all went to the park! Quinn had such a good time playing hide and seek and tag with Oma and Popi. We all sat outside and visited and enjoyed each others company. After Oma and Popi left, we relaxed and got dinner ready for Quinn. Then it was time to bring her home. The weekend always goes by so quickly. She had such a good and fun weekend.

Here's some pictures from our Sunday adventure! Enjoy!

Always remember,
You are never alone...

The park!

The squirt running around having fun!

Hide and seek with Oma!

Enjoying the beautiful weather!

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