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Thursday, May 28, 2015

A night in with Quinn

     Yesterday evening Kay had to work later into the evening so it was just Quinn and I.  For a while now since Kayla moved in Wednesday's have been the three of us which I love but last night was fun too.  It reminded me of when it was just Quinn and I.  Not that I wanna go back!  I love our life but just picking her up and getting dinner ready.  Sitting and talking at the table and then playing a game or two.  We had fun and I made her grilled cheese and tatters! She then had a cookie and we went to play some card games.  It was fun and just sitting there I still couldn't believe how big she got.  I remember after I moved out she was so little when she came over, its almost hard to think about.  Now she gets her toys and games out for us to play with and sits next to me and talks about her day as we play. 

     Her independence is growing and her knowledge as well.  Time passes so fast we forget sometimes what its like because were so busy with just life and running around.  After cards we hung out and watched some TV.  We just relaxed because it was hot still and we were trying to cool off!  After TV it was time for bed.  She did a great job and listened to me every step of the way.  She didn't fight me or ask why.  Just simply came up and got ready.  We did some reading and our sight words and she did such a great job too.  I didn't know where I would be years ago when this all happened but where I am now I feel I have come so far.  Nobody wants to say when they grow up they wanna be a single parent just how the cards are flopped.  With Kayla now however it has been wonderful she helps me out so much.  She also helps getting Quinn to the bus stop too and they get their own little time.  So having so small time with just us was kinda nice. 

     This is why I encourage single parents to make sure you put your kids first!  Nothing becomes before a life.  Nothing is more important, an outing or game, book or movie.  Your family and friends need to know sometimes you can't go out or do something.  You have to be a parent first.  Even just sitting on the couch and laughing over a TV show or playing a game will bond your child to you.  Kids love there parents, its in our genes to. 

     After a hug and kiss she was off to bed.  This weekend we pick her up and have some great plans ahead.  I can't wait to update you all!  I hope everyone hugs there're kids tonight or next time they have them extra tight!  It won't be long till they are grown up...  Life goes so fast...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


I did take one picture of her last night!  I'll post it this week.


  1. Another great post, Chris. You sound super upbeat every since you announced that you were marrying Kayla! :) Not that you didn't before, but you sound extra chipper now. Sounds like you had a GREAT time with Quinn. And grilled cheese with taters sound delish.

    1. Thanks Alisha for the nice comment! Yes its been a long road I will admit I thought there wasn't light in the darkness but there are people out there that just wont stop fighting for you. She is that one. I am also thankful for my supports like you! You make a difference more than you know!
      I am pretty good at a grilled cheese too, lol

  2. Aww... thanks, Chris! :) Haha, my grilled cheeses can either turn out great or they can turn out burnt.... :( :P