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Friday, May 22, 2015

A day in the Yard

     This past Sunday we spend the day outside working and cleaning up the front yard!  Last year we dug out a lot of bushes, plants and small trees to make room for new plants.  The bushes were overgrown and we wanted to start over.  Over the year we got busy and still need to buy flowers, however we did a lot of weeding and mulching!  Kayla and I started by just pulling all the weeds and any roots in the ground.  Trust me there were a lot, we filled two big paper yard bags up.  Then we tilled the ground and picked up any loose ends of weeds. 
     After we put the mulch down!  We went through 18 bags, that was the front and back!  After it made such a big difference.  Quinn was out raking and picking up leaves too!  Its good to start them off early letting them know yard work is just a part of life.  She also played and watched us to.  It took several hours to complete but when we were done we were so happy. 
     The result of yard work can make one so satisfied all the work you put in and seeing the amazing results.  Mulch really makes a difference as well.  So our next step is to get some plants in and then we will be set!  The back is pretty much set we just need to figure out the front.  I hope everyone is started their landscaping and spring cleaning!  Get moving now while the sales are going on, also it gets harder as the year goes on!
Enjoy the pics!
Always remember,
You are never alone...
Getting started!  We already weeded so much for this picture to.

Looking good!

Even better!

The back looks done and not to bad if I may say!

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