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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Review 4: West Bend Waffle Maker

     A few months ago a friend from work brought in a waffle maker for our team to make breakfast!  I couldn't believe how easy it was.  So for Christmas I got Kayla one!  I got her the West Bend brand and honestly it has been such a great product.  

     Waffle have come so far, I used to own a heavy one that just never made them come our right.  I feel it was more work to make them and clean up than was worth it.  This single Waffle maker makes the job so easy and the clean up is even easier!  I got this one off Amazon and it was only about 35 dollars and that was a deal believe me!  I think people don't make Waffle's because they think they are hard to make or that Waffle makers just are a pain to use.  The West Bend makes this all go away...

     The unit is small, light and has a small plate below to catch drips or spills.  The handle bends so you can store it in small places and it heats up and cools down extremely fast for your convince.  You can make Waffles very easily too now by just getting a box at the store and adding water and and egg.  You can then setup the Waffle maker to a setting you would like, I usually make it on the darker side because I like them well done.  A nice crunch to them when you eat them.  Once the Waffle maker is ready you can just put a very light spray on the inside.  Very light, don't use to much you will have to wipe it down later.  Then fill the maker inside till the filing is almost to the edges.  

     Close the lid and use the nice easy flip setting!  A green light will light up when ready!  Flip it back and open.  Then you can put butter or syrup on them and enjoy!  You can really crank out a Waffle every few minutes and feed a number of people very effectively.  This also is a great idea to bring into work and have your team enjoy!  If you are allowed, please check first!  I think everyone just look into investing in a Waffle maker only because how easy it is now to make them plus if you have kids you will be the star!  I make Waffles for Quinn every once and a while and she just loves them.  You can spice things up too.  You can add chocolate chips to the batter, or after the Waffle is done you can add fruit or whipped cream and even ice cream!   The West Bend makes this all so easy!

     I love mine and give this review a thumbs up for sure.  The pictures below will show you the produce and outcome!  The maker even comes with a receipt book that can give you all different ideas as well as looking online too.  After I started using ours I just couldn't believe how easy it was breakfast was fun and not scary anymore thinking about cleaning up or anything like that.  

     There are Waffle makers that make up to four Waffles however they are expensive and can be messy.  You can only make one good sized Waffle but in minutes you can have another and another.   Sometimes cleaning the inside is difficult because you have to wipe it down and with the grooves it can be tricky however its worth it.  

With three great steps!

1) Mix Batter 
2) Heat up Waffle maker
3) Pour and watch cook!

Then Enjoy!  Well I guess four steps.  So if your looking for a great breakfast idea then look into this.  You will be the Waffle King or Queen and your kids will be excited to try new ideas when you take this out!  I hope you enjoyed this review!  I used this over the weekend and Quinn loved her Chocolate Chip Waffles!  Look into and and if yo have your own comments or ideas let me know!

     Here is a great link!  West Bend 

Here is the Waffle Maker, a good sized product.

Simple and makes a large Waffle!

Just add the batter.

Cook and wait for the green light!

Done!  As you see a great nice color, the Waffle was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

End result

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