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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our First Concert!

    Several months ago Kayla and I attended our first concert!  100.5 the drive had a concert featuring a few great bands and Kayla and I went.  A local singer Amanda Lee Peers who made it on the Voice started off the show, she did a great job and it was nice to see someone from our home town too.

     Next OH Honey came on, they played a few songs and the crowed got even more pumped up.  I liked both performers but I have to admit I was waiting for Matt Kearney.  He came on after Oh Honey. 

     After came Mat Kearney who I really wanted to see.  I have been a fan of his music for a while now.  He did a great job, it was only him and someone on the keyboard.  He played about 5 or so songs and you could tell he was having fun.  His father was born in our city and he talked about it he even has a song about it called Rochester.  He played a lot of his popular songs and some of his new ones.  He had a CD coming out right around the concert time.  He was just a great artist and we could tell he had a blast being up there.  We were right in the middle of the floor since there were not assigned seats and had a great view.  I got some great pics I can't wait to show you below.  After he left the Script came on.  It was a long night because between each artist was about a 15 minute interval.  So by the time The Script came on we were tired.  We did stay for a few songs however did have to go because we were tired and had to work the next day.  We did see them pay a few of our favorite songs and the crowd went wild!  There was a lot of people that attended and the place was jamming!

    Being our first concert we were excited to just go.  It was nice to go with Kay because we have both gone to many in our day but to go with someone you love is different.  In the end for our fist concert we just had a lot of fun.  We wanted to beat the crowd as well and left early.  Concerts are so much fun but hard because you want pictures but also want to enjoy the show.  We did take a few and I would recommend to take them, however also enjoy the show and don't spend to much time behind your camera.  Just being there in the moment is something to remember, there are still so many I do want to go to and some performers I will never be able to see however for this moment it was awesome...

    Thank you all for coming to our city and performing for us!

Enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are Never alone...


Here we are just getting there.

100.5 the Drive, thank you for putting this concert on!

OH Honey, they did a great job!

Matt Kearney, one of my favorites!!

He did such a great job!

The Script!

Here we are!

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