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Sunday, May 24, 2015

A weekend out of town

     This past weekend Kayla and I went up north to visit her family.  My parents came up as well and we started to get the wedding stuff done!  It was a good change to get my parents to meet some of her other family members.  Friday we arrived and my parents were already there and settled in.  We said our hello's and pretty much just went to bed per we worked and were so tired.

     Saturday we started off by looking at cakes!  I think we are set on one and I promise to fill you in soon.  The ladies all went to look at the flowers while my dad, kay's dad and her uncle hung out and held her patio down, with a few "Pops"...  Kayla and I then went over to the church to talk to the organist and make sure the music was set!  After that all the uncles, ants and our big family got together at her Grandma and Aunts house for some good cookin!  Her auntie made a great chicken and rice dish along with some salad and pasta!  I hate two servings, there goes my 3 month challenge!  It was healthy so i take that as a loop hole!  It was so good to, Kayla and I, her parents, auntie and Grandma headed over to the party store to talk about how the hall would be setup and what ideas to do.  After that we headed back for some games and to spend the rest of the time with family.  (it was busy day to say the least!)

     During game night we hung out, laughed talked snacked and just over all had fun.  People come and go and with a family that size its fun to see everyone talking and getting to know my parents.  They fit in well and were joking with everyone very soon.  It was nice, kayla her mom, auntie and I sat and talked while others played games or watched TV.   As the night went on we cleaned up and then all headed home.  I usually hang out with Kayla's younger brother until I fall asleep on his couch in his room as he plays video games.  haha.

     We got up and then headed to church.  My parents wanted to meet the minister as well as see the church we were getting married in so they came with us.  After the service, yup another meeting! lol.  We met with Mother Elizabeth and talked about what we needed to do for the weeding and even got some homework!  Like I'm not busy enough!  JK!  So the next few weeks Kay and I will talk to her and get some things she needs in order and we'll be wrapping up!

    We spend some time with Kay's family and then said our goodbyes.  Off we were back on our way home.  My parents left a little before us but it was nice they stayed to talk to before we all parted.  So the good news is tomorrow is a Holiday!  Please remember it is Memorial day and keep the people who lost there lives in your thoughts and prayers.

Enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Game Night!

Kayla and her Auntie, my soon to be Auntie! 
Her and Grandma throw a good party!

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