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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Lilac Festival!

     This past weekend was the final weekend of the Lilac Festival!  Every year for many years I have been attending this festival because it just feels like one of the heart our our city.  We do have many other festivals however this one starts off summer and the Lilac is our city flower!  Vendor's come in from all over to sell goods, food and offer rides for kids!  There are music concerts all week and even a run at the end of the week.  The event has just always been something I love, smelling the flowers eating some funnel cake and just walking around and seeing the sights.  I have brought Quinn for a few years now and she get so excited!  We got up early on sunday and ate some breakfast then got cleaned up and left!

     The three of us headed down and started walking around!  We took some pictures and smelled the lilacs!  Thing about them as a flower by late May they will be gone, they are so pretty and smell so good but they only bloom for a short period of time.  However the park is filled with Lilac bushes!  White, dark purple, light purple they fill the hills and all over the park they just are everywhere.  It is so amazing.  People bring food or eat there and have small picnic's in the shade.  Everyone just has a good time and it really is a good time.  So after our walk we got some funnel cake!  It is a tradition in fact!  We sat in the shade and had our sweet treat!  After we headed home just because it can fill up fast and then it gets crowed.

     Throughout the year we have so many fun events but this on just holds a special place in my heart, a time to go smell our pretty flowers, eat some food and get some sun.  A time to just spend with Kay and Quinn and not worry about work or the house or anything else.  I hope everyone has a festival or party the enjoy every year and look forward to!  I have posted about this before but always love sharing it with you!  I have a few more updates from this weekend but well I like giving the festival its own post! Enjoy the pics!

Always remember you are never alone...


Quinn in the park.

Kayla and Quinn

Here we are!

Enjoying the beautiful flowers!

Funnel cake!!!

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  1. Awesome! This looks like so much fun! And the funnel cake looks delish. ;) Your daughter and intended are both very beautiful!