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Thursday, May 21, 2015

First Smoked Ribs!

     So Kayla and I got this massive grill and she said as long as I use it she's ok!  So after doing some reading and getting a few books on grilling I took my first shot at smoking ribs!  I looked online and read up on what I wanted to do.  Both are very helpful tools, if you watch someone online it's a little more step by step however books give great recipes to follow.  So I did some homework and then set a date.  It was a few weeks ago and I had half day off work.  I had all the tools set and the ribs were in the fridge.  I had to get some things done on my car so that set me back but I was starting around 3, which is late actually... 

     So without giving away all my secrets here's what I did!  

First I cut the membrane off the ribs and got them ready.  I put a basic all season on them and let it sit for a minute.  Then I used my binding agent and rubbed that it and got both racks set for my rub.  I used a sweeter mix rub but you can make or buy anything you wish.  I don't like to hot of things so I went on the sweeter side.  After the ribs were set I got the grill going.  Getting the smoker box fired up and having the coals put in.  I then put some woodchips on and put the ribs down.  Every 45 minutes I would spray them with a solution to keep them moist!  Basic juice, oil combo.  They then cook over 3 hours.  No direct heat, all indirect so the ribs were over nothing and the heat and smoke came from the smoker box.  You would think you have a lot of time on your hands but you have to keep the heat going or the ribs won't cook.  Once the three hours were up I took them back in side to prep again! 

     I put them on tin foil and used a sweet mix of brown sugar, magic butter and honey for the money on them. Covered both sides then wrapped up the rips, then laid them meat side down.  Remember to do this so they cook in the juices!  This trick I saw online where you wrap them up again.  It really made the difference.  They cooked another 1 1/2 and when I took them off they looked so good.  Then I took them out and put them on the grill with just a little BBQ Sauce for a glaze.  They cook for 1/2 more hr and then we cut them up.  Everyone enjoyed them and we even had some the next day.  I found a few things for next time I will correct but everyone loved them and I was happy they came out so well!  It was fun I will add and I can't wait to try them again.  I will look into doing other meats but I do enjoy ribs and want to try them again soon.  Along side the ribs we cut up potatoes and onions and then put them in foil with some butter and seasons.  They cooked on the grill as well and with the ribs tasted so good! It was a good first attempt I can't wait to see them after I make my adjustments!  I may make a video also if things go well! 

 I will keep you posted! 
I hope you all enjoy the pics!  Sorry no catering yet folks!

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Here they are with the rub.

Getting the coals and wood chips lit.

Smoking ribs.

Cooking Away

Glazed and almost done!

The final product!  5 hrs later! What an event!


  1. Oh. My. Those look really good! Tell Kayla that I wouldn't be comfortable using that grill either. lol

  2. Haha I will! You let me know if you ever need an event Catered!